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Matthew A. Pacella, M.S.


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Journal Articles

Lemus OMD, Tanny S, Cummings M, Webster M, Wancura J, Jung H, Zhou Y, Yoon J, Pacella M, Zheng D. "Influence of air mapping errors on the dosimetric accuracy of prostate CBCT-guided online adaptive radiation therapy." Journal of applied clinical medical physics. 2023 Jun 5; :e14057. Epub 2023 Jun 05.

Das IJ, Andersen A, Chen ZJ, Dimofte A, Glatstein E, Hoisak J, Huang L, Langer MP, Lee C, Pacella M, Popple RA, Rice R, Smilowitz J, Sponseller P, Zhu T. "State of dose prescription and compliance to international standard (ICRU-83) in intensity modulated radiation therapy among academic institutions." Practical radiation oncology.. 2017 7(2):e145-e155. Epub 2016 Nov 13.