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Andrea C. Wasilewski, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Saleh C, Jaszczuk P, Hund-Georgiadis M, Frank S, Cordier D, Bratic Hench I, Todea A, Wasilewski A, Wilmes S, Grigioni G, Hench J. "Differentiation of rare brain tumors through unsupervised machine learning: Clinical significance of in-depth methylation and copy number profiling illustrated through an unusual case of IDH wildtype glioblastoma." Clinical neuropathology.. 2020 Sep 1; Epub 2020 Sep 01.

Wasilewski A, Alam A, Mohile N. "Chemotherapy toxicities and geriatric syndromes in older patients with malignant gliomas." Journal of geriatric oncology.. 2020 Jul 13; Epub 2020 Jul 13.

Wasilewski A, Mohile N. "Meet the expert: How I treat chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy." Journal of geriatric oncology.. 2020 Jun 16; Epub 2020 Jun 16.

Liu Y, Wasilewski A, Mohile NA. "Disparities in patient enrollment on glioblastoma clinical trials." CNS oncology.. 2020 Jun 0; 9(2):CNS59. Epub 2020 Jun 30.

Wasilewski A, Serventi J, Ibegbu C, Wychowski T, Burke J, Mohile N. "Epilepsy education in gliomas: engaging patients and caregivers to improve care." Supportive care in cancer : official journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer.. 2019 Jul 2; Epub 2019 Jul 02.

Wasilewski A. "Teaching NeuroImages: Multifocal cerebral infarcts as a presentation of idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome." Neurology.. 2019 Apr 30; 92(18):e2178.

Wasilewski A, Mohile N. "Durable response to bevacizumab in adults with recurrent pilocytic astrocytoma." CNS oncology.. 2018 Jul 1; 7(3):CNS26. Epub 2018 Apr 09.

Wasilewski A. "Reader response: Pilocytic astrocytoma with anaplasia arising from the optic chiasm in a very elderly patient." Neurology.. 2018 May 29; 90(22):1037.

Wasilewski A, Serventi J, Kamalyan L, Wychowski T, Mohile N. "Acute care in glioblastoma: the burden and the consequences." Neuro-oncology practice.. 2017 Dec 0; 4(4):248-254. Epub 2017 Mar 08.

Wasilewski A, Samkoff L. "Author response: Teaching NeuroImages: Idiopathic hypertrophic pachymeningitis." Neurology.. 2017 Jun 6; 88(23):2239.

Wasilewski A, Samkoff L. "Teaching NeuroImages: Idiopathic hypertrophic pachymeningitis." Neurology.. 2016 Nov 29; 87(22):e270-e271.