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Jared Walsh, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Joseph NP, Clark JA, Bauchner H, Walsh JP, Mercilus G, Figaro J, Bibbo C, Perkins RB. "Knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs regarding HPV vaccination: ethnic and cultural differences between African-American and Haitian immigrant women." Women's health issues : official publication of the Jacobs Institute of Women's Health.. 2012 22(6):e571-9.

Freudenreich O, Brockman MA, Henderson DC, Evins AE, Fan X, Walsh JP, Goff DC. "Analysis of peripheral immune activation in schizophrenia using quantitative reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)." Psychiatry research.. 2010 Apr 30; 176(2-3):99-102. Epub 2010 Feb 04.

Freudenreich O, Henderson DC, Macklin EA, Evins AE, Fan X, Cather C, Walsh JP, Goff DC. "Modafinil for clozapine-treated schizophrenia patients: a double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot trial." The Journal of clinical psychiatry.. 2009 Dec 0; 70(12):1674-80. Epub 2009 Aug 11.

Holt DJ, Lebron-Milad K, Milad MR, Rauch SL, Pitman RK, Orr SP, Cassidy BS, Walsh JP, Goff DC. "Extinction memory is impaired in schizophrenia." Biological psychiatry.. 2009 Mar 15; 65(6):455-63. Epub 2008 Nov 04.

Goff DC, Cather C, Freudenreich O, Henderson DC, Evins AE, Culhane MA, Walsh JP. "A placebo-controlled study of sildenafil effects on cognition in schizophrenia." Psychopharmacology.. 2009 Jan 0; 202(1-3):411-7. Epub 2008 Aug 21.

Goff DC, Cather C, Gottlieb JD, Evins AE, Walsh J, Raeke L, Otto MW, Schoenfeld D, Green MF. "Once-weekly D-cycloserine effects on negative symptoms and cognition in schizophrenia: an exploratory study." Schizophrenia research.. 2008 Dec 0; 106(2-3):320-7. Epub 2008 Sep 16.

Freudenreich O, Henderson DC, Walsh JP, Culhane MA, Goff DC. "Risperidone augmentation for schizophrenia partially responsive to clozapine: a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial." Schizophrenia research.. 2007 May 0; 92(1-3):90-4. Epub 2007 Feb 23.

Freudenreich O, Gandhi RT, Walsh JP, Henderson DC, Goff DC. "Hepatitis C in schizophrenia: screening experience in a community-dwelling clozapine cohort." Psychosomatics.. 2007 48(5):405-11.