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Inhwan Yeo, Ph.D.

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Administrative: (585) 276-5261

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Dr. Yeo is a certified physicist by American Board of Radiology in Therapeutic Physics. He is patient-care oriented in his clinical physics work as well as research. He is interested in new technique implementation as well as research that has clinical impact.

Professional Background

Dr. Yeo has received doctoral training in the areas of medical physics and nuclear engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. He received postdoctoral training at St. Jude Children's hospital, Memphis, Tennessee.

Dr. Yeo has worked in various hospitals including Samsung Medical Center in Korea as a chief of physics, Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto as a service leader, Cooper University Hospital, and Loma Linda Proton Center.


Dr. Yeo has developed a method of inverse dose reconstruction and applied it into three- and four-dimensional dose reconstruction. The latter topic attempts to address a very challenging issue of validating dynamic dose delivery to a moving tumor, and providing a basis for adaptive therapy of the tumor. Given the current trend of radiation therapy of lung (hypo-fractionation), this research is valuable and has significant impact in assuring the radiation delivery to a lung tumor and offering adaptive therapy to areas of potential under- and over-dose.

Dr. Yeo has contributed to a study on "Intensity modulated radiation therapy for the treatment of cervical cancer who is not suitable for brachytherapy", which led to clinical implementation as the first of its kind. He has also studied on the verification of intensity modulated therapy by film dosimetry and have written a text book which provided a guide for film dosimetry of intensity modulated therapy.



BS | Korea - Hanyang University, Seoul
Nuclear Engineering

MS | Korea - Hanyang University, Seoul
Nuclear Engineering

PhD | Georgia Inst of Technology
Nuclear Engineering

Post-doctoral Training & Residency

09/01/1996 - 08/31/1997
St. Jude Children's Hospital, Memphis, TN


Journal Articles

Yoon J, Jung JW, Kim JO, Yi BY, Yeo I. "Four-dimensional dose reconstruction through in vivo phase matching of cine images of electronic portal imaging device." Medical physics.. 2016 Jul 0; 43(7):4420.

Yoon J, Jung JW, Kim JO, Yeo I. "A Monte Carlo calculation model of electronic portal imaging device for transit dosimetry through heterogeneous media." Medical physics.. 2016 May 0; 43(5):2242.

Yeo I, Nookala P, Gordon I, Schulte R, Barnes S, Ghebremedhin A, Wang N, Yang G, Ling T, Bush D, Slater J, Patyal B. "Passive proton therapy vs. IMRT planning study with focal boost for prostate cancer." Radiation oncology.. 2015 Oct 24; 10:213. Epub 2015 Oct 24.

Books & Chapters

Book Title: A Procedural Guide to Film Dosimetry: With Emphasis on IMRT
Author List: Inhwan Yeo, Jong Oh Kim
Published By: Medical Physics Publishing 2004

Chapter Title: A. Cervical Cancer Not Suitable for Brachytherapy
Book Title: Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy: A Clinical Perspective
Author List: P. Chan, M. Milosevic, J. Paterson, I. Yeo, A. Fyles
Edited By: A Mundt
Published By: BC Decker, Inc. 2004