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Erin S. Marner, M.D.


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Dvorak K, Yambert J, Palting J, Reinhardt K, Roessler C, Moh A, McGinn S, Marner E. "Improved lung cancer classification using new optimized immunohistochemical assay with anti-p40 (BC28) mouse monoclonal antibody." Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2016; 9(2): 2693-27014.

Garcia-Uribe A, Chang CC, Yapici MK, Zou J, Banerjee B, Kuczynski J, Ong E, Marner ES, Wang LV. "High-Transmission-Efficiency and Side-Viewing Micro OIDRS Probe for Fast and Minimally-Invasive Tumor Margin Detection." IEEE sensors journal. 2011 Apr 1; 11(4):891-896.

Marner ES, Wolk DM, Carr J, Hewitt C, Dominguez LL, Kovacs T, Johnson DR, Hayden RT. "Diagnostic accuracy of the Cepheid GeneXpert vanA/vanB assay ver. 1.0 to detect the vanA and vanB vancomycin resistance genes in Enterococcus from perianal specimens." Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease.. 2011 Apr; 69(4):382-9.

Epstein JE, Gorak EJ, Charoenvit Y, Wang R, Freydberg N, Osinowo O, Richie TL, Stoltz EL, Trespalacios F, Nerges J, Ng J, Fallarme-Majam V, Abot E, Goh L, Parker S, Kumar S, Hedstrom RC, Norman J, Stout R, Hoffman SL. "Safety, tolerability, and lack of antibody responses after administration of a PfCSP DNA malaria vaccine via needle or needle-free jet injection, and comparison of intramuscular and combination intramuscular/intradermal routes." Human gene therapy.. 2002 Sep 1; 13(13):1551-60.

Bell IR, Baldwin CM, Stoltz E, Walsh BT, Schwartz GE. "EEG beta 1 oscillation and sucrose sensitization in fibromyalgia with chemical intolerance." The International journal of neuroscience.. 2001 Aug; 108(1-2):31-42.