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Paul Horowicz Lecture, May 10, 2012

W. Jonathan Lederer, M.D., Ph.D. This year's Paul Horowicz Lecture was presented by W. Jonathan Lederer, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and Director of BioMET-Center for Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Professor of Physiology, at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. His seminar title was, "Tuning the Heartstrings: How the Heart Regulates Its Beat."

Horowicz Lecture

Dr. W. Jonathan Lederer and Dr. A. William Tank

Horowicz Lecture

Dr. W. Jonathan Lederer, Mrs. Paul Horowicz, Dr. A. William Tank, Peter Horowicz, and Kari Horowicz

Horowicz Lecture

Dr. George A. Porter, Jr., Dr. W. Jonathan Lederer, Dr. Trevor J. Shuttleworth, and Dr. Robert D. Dirksen

Horowicz Lecture

Horowicz lecture


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