RIT-URMC Summer Undergraduate Research Exchange (SURE) Program

General Program Information (5/29/2012 to 8/03/2012)

Overall Program Goal:

To provide outstanding and talented RIT undergraduate students interested in pursuing a graduate degree and career in biomedical science with an opportunity to participate in an independent research project and to provide these students exposure to the Pharmacology and Physiology Ph.D. graduate programs.

Academic Component (6 Course/Research Credits):

  1. 2 CR - Survival Skills Course
  2. Optional additional deferred credit for independent study/research
  3. Weekly Seminar/Lunch Series (usually 11:00-1:00, Wednesdays)
  4. GRE Prep Course for rising Seniors (5:30-7:30, Tuesday Evenings)

Research Component ($2400 stipend + $50 for parking):

  1. Independent Research Project
  2. Exposure to cutting-edge laboratory techniques, data collection and analysis, hypothesis-driven research, trouble-shooting, lab meetings, journal clubs, etc
  3. Poster Preparation and Presentation

Forms and Information

Contact Information

Robert T. Dirksen, Ph.D.

Robert T. Dirksen, Ph. D.

Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology

University of Rochester Medical Center

Department of Pharmacology and Physiology

601 Elmwood Avenue

Rochester, NY 14642

Tel: 585-275-4824

Fax: 585-273-2652


Elizabeth Perry, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Kriscenski Perry, Ph.D.

Director, Biomedical Sciences Program

College of Health Sciences and Technology Rochester Institute of Technology

Office: 75-1119 CBET, 585.475.4604






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Department of Pharmacology and Physiology

University of Rochester Medical Center
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Rochester, NY 14642

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