A. William Tank, Ph.D.

Phone: (585) 275-1681

Associate Chair

Jean M. Bidlack, Ph.D.

Phone: (585) 275-5600

Director of Graduate Studies

Paul J. Kammermeier, Ph.D.

Phone: (585) 275-5606

Director, Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology Program

Gregory G. Tall, Ph.D.

Phone: (585) 273-2069

Administrative/Support Staff and Sponsored Research Business Center Staff

Senior Administrator/Research Program Manager

Debra Andreacchi-Roth, M.S.

Phone: (585) 275-3142

Senior Accountant

Rosalyn E. Smith

Phone: (585) 275-2204

Information Analyst II and Business Operations Analyst

Sandra E. Morgan

Phone: (585) 275-1681

Administrator and Medical Course Administrator

Lori J. White

Phone: (585) 275-1613

Post Award Analyst

Francine M. Summermatter

Phone: (585) 275-1610

Chair's Assistant and Graduate Coordinator

Sandra E. Morgan

Phone: (585) 275-1681


Sharon M. Runion

Phone: (585) 275-1679


Jen Nicholson

Phone: (585) 275-1680

NIH Conte Center Support Staff

Administrative Assistant/Program Coordinator

Lisa M. Swetz

Phone: (585) 273-2144

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Department of Pharmacology and Physiology

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