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Sharps Disposal

Follow these procedures to drop off household sharps at our designated disposal site:

  • Sharps must be safely packaged
  • Sharps must be received by a pharmacy employee during business hours
  • Bring to the side door at the Outpatient Pharmacy and ring the bell
  • Once inside the door, deposit your sharps in the approved container

Questions or more information about sharps call Environment & Safety (585) 275-8405 or Strong Memorial Hospital at (585) 275-4931.

When You Package Your Own Sharps for Disposal

Needles and other sharps must avoid causing harm to other people. Following is a list of acceptable containers for disposal:

  • Hard plastic sharp shelters purchased from a pharmacy
  • Coffee cans with tight fitting covers and sharps pointed DOWN
  • Hard plastic detergent bottle with cap
  • Two liter soda container with cap