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Letters from our Patients

Dear Dr. Poduri,

Thanks to your fine team of competent and compassionate therapists, in slightly more than a months time I can not only spell Lymphedema, but now I expect to cope with it.

With Michelle and Jayne’s tutoring my daughter and my home aide, both learned how to properly wrap my legs to reduce swelling in my feet.  Swelling was reduced in a month’s time and now I will use compression stockings to control swelling.

Please convey my and my family’s sincere thanks to the two of them, and to you for truly excellent and compassionate care that I experienced.  It was a great pleasure to have known you all.

I was not just a patient number, I had a name.  I felt that everyone cared for me as a person.



A Grateful Patient

Dear Angels of the (Brotherhood/Sisterhood) of Nurses,

I humbly thank you so much for taking care of my wonderful soul-mate during her rehab stay at Strong Hospital in June/July 2010.

Your warm smiles and tender loving care and kindness have shown through every single day. Your professionalism stands high above the standards of care.

We are common people - neither rich nor famous, but from a very loving family. Our dreams and goals have changed for now. My darling wife has a long road to travel. My children and I will be there for her. Our grandchildren need their Na Na. We will re-learn how to sing and laugh and dance once again.

May your lives be enriched 10 fold because of what you have done.

Most Sincerely,

A Grateful Patient's Husband