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-Soybean Oil or Fish Oil? This Study's Result Surprised Wilmot Cancer Researchers
Investigators discovered, unexpectedly, that soybean oil was better than fish oil for reducing cancer-related fatigue in breast cancer survivors. It raises new questions about the value of fish oil and also the consumption of soy by women with breast cancer, which is controversial.

-Fitness Trackers Keep Cancer Survivors on the Move
A new study shows that activity trackers such as pedometers and smartphone apps are linked to improved step counts and exercise engagement for cancer survivors. The devices have the appeal of being convenient, home-based, and unsupervised, and they may help with accuracy of exercise logs and in some cases can serve as a communications tool for healthcare teams.

- NCORP Women in Science
The NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) would not exist without the women in science who work so effectively to make it a success. Their achievements are celebrated February 11, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

- Student Engineers Help Kids With Disabilities Walk and Play
Devin Foggio, one of our students has been working with a biomedical engineering group to develop a project for kids with disabilities. Walking with disabilities such as down syndrome and cerebral palsy can be a long process and it might increase social isolation. This is why they developed walkers that allow them to move around but also practice walking at the same time. 

- Society of Behavioral Medicine (2018)
Mustian Selected as Fellow by Elite National Leadership Program
Cancer patients fight fatigue with cancer
Should Cancer Survivors Practice Yoga?


2018 Wilmot Cancer Institution Inspiration Award

Morrow and his team in the Cancer Control & Survivorship Research Program is to improve the lives of people during and after cancer morrowtreatment. Their studies are changing the way oncologists around the world treat their patients, and funding for their research starts in our community.

Exercise is the Best Cure for Chemo Fatigue New Analysis Suggests

While rest and stimulant medications were often recommended for dealing with fatigue from chemotherapy, a new analysis suggests that exercise is much more effective...Learn More
NBC Exercise and Chemo Video

Exercise is the Best Cure for Fatigue Caused by Cancer

A new study finds exercise works better than medication to reduce cancer-related fatigue, according to researchers from the University of Rochester... Learn More.
Channel 8 Exercise and Cancer

 Wilmot Cancer Research Day

Wilmot Cancer Research Day. January 24, 2017
Wilmot Cancer Research Day

Update on Wilmot Cancer Institute Progress Toward NCI Designation

By URMCC PR and Communications
Wilmot Cancer Institute Progress towards NCI Designation

Yoga Improves Sleep Disorders, Fatigue in Patients With Cancer

Improvements in cancer-related fatigue (CRF) from yoga were linked to improvements in sleep quality and daytime lindysfunction  Learn More.


Medstar Source Cancer and Exercise 2004 

Medstar Source Cancer and Exercise 2004
Cancer and Exercise


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