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Complex Care Center Staff Photo

  • Julie Buerger, PT, DPT, NCS, specializes in neurologic rehabilitation and will help patients move better and exercise.
  • Heather Busick, MD, will provide primary care, physicals, medication refills, and referrals for our patients.
  • Chelsea Cappon, Andrea Madafferi & Tasha Maldonado will greet patients, schedule appointments, and connect you with a member of our team.
  • Sarah Creek, RN, Andrea Roy, RN, and Jennifer Naugle, RN-BC, MS, will prepare patients for their visits, triage phone calls, and provide condition-specific patient education.
  • Kenisha Calucho & Regina Dennis will provide care management to individuals who have complex medical conditions to ensure they get the care and services needed to put them on the road to better health.
  • Kristen Davidson, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who will provide psychological testing and/or counseling to our patients.
  • Alison Diehl, MS, will provide support for grants management, community outreach and workforce development.
  • Donna Germuga, RRT, respiratory therapist, will do lung function testing and help our adults learn more about airway clearance methods, nebulized therapies, and respiratory equipment issues.
  • Amy Jerum, DNP, CPNP-PC, PMHS, Director of Workforce Development, is responsible for helping develop a workforce climate that drives the attainment of current and future goals for both providers and those affected by complex pediatric onset-conditions.
  • Rezarta Lako, PharmD, will provide personal pharmacy care to identify, prevent and manage side effects of your medication, coordinate care with your doctor, and monitor your response to medication.
  • Deborah Mostyn, RDH, Tracey Poupore, DA, and Maureen Steinbacher, DA, will provide a safe and comfortable space for patients to receive dental services.
  • Adela Planerova, DDS, will provide primary dental care and oversight of hygienists and residents.
  • Tiffany Pulcino, MD, MPH, FACP, the Medical Director, will provide primary care, physicals, medication refills, and referrals for our patients.
  • Kristine Reinhardt, MS, FNP, is available to all CCC patients on an as needed basis for illness or follow up in the office. Kristine also rounds on CCC patients in the hospital to act as an advocate and liaison between inpatient and outpatient teams to help coordinate care and assist with discharge planning.
  • Laura M. Robinson, MPH, Director of Community Outreach, will work with your team and community services to identify and bridge gaps in care in our region.
  • Steven Scofield, MD, FAAP, who specializes in care of cystic fibrosis, will provide primary care, physicals, medication refills, and referrals for our patients.
  • Jane Tuttle, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, FAANP, will coordinate efforts to educate and train dentists to take care of patients with complex conditions in the larger community.
  • Elizabeth "Elle" Woodward, RD, will assist you with a personalized nutrition plan to support a healthy lifestyle.

Pictured above: seated starting from the left — Heather Busick, MD, MS; Steven Scofield, MD, FAAP; Tiffany Pulcino, MD, MPH; Evelyn Novelin; and standing from left–Laura Robinson, MPH; Alison Diehl, MS; Donna Germuga, RRT; Adela Planerova, DDS.; Elizabeth Vazquez; Jennifer Naugle, RN-BC, MS; Shandell Moreno; Kristine Reinhardt, MSN, FNP; Not pictured: Julie Buerger, PT, DPT, NCS, Chelsea Cappon, Kenisha Calucho, Kristen Davidson, PhD, Regina Dennis, Nancy Dukelo, OT-R, Amy Jerum DNP, CPNP-PC, PMHS, Rezarta Lako, PharmD, Andrea Madafferi, Tasha Denise Maldonado, Andrea Roy, RN, Jane Tuttle, PhD, and Elizabeth Woodward, RD.