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Mark Platt, Proteomics Director, 585-276-6804

Office Location : G-11001B

Lab Location: KMRB G-9828



Technical Staff


Kevin Welle
Jennifer Hryhorenko

Kevin Welle

BS in Mathematics

SUNY Geneseo

Jennifer Hryhorenko

BS in Environmental Forest Biology

Minor in Microbiology


The Center's staff is trained on all technologies offered for routine sample analysis. Spectrometry systems include MALDI TOF/TOF, using the AutoFlex III smartbeam instrument (Bruker Daltonics), and LC-MS/MS, using the LCQ and LTQ linear ion trap instrument (Thermo Scientific). Separation capabilities include 1- and 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis with multiple imaging formats, as well as 1- and 2-dimensional HPLC. Data processing occurs primarily using MASCOT database searches for analysis of mass spectrometry results.

Lab Location: (585) 275-0769, KMRB G-9828