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Programs for Reducing Stigma and Promoting Wellness

Bridge Art Gallery

Bridge Art Gallery is a community gallery that provides a space for local artists to display their work, and creates a comforting and therapeutic environment for patients, families, and employees. Our aim is to diminish the stigma and hesitance associated with entering our part of the Medical Center. The gallery hosts three shows a year with a spring show dedicated to high school artists. Gallery efforts also include an installation of Albert Paley’s internationally renowned sculpture in the Mental Health and Wellness atrium, and the creation of a permanent collection now on display on our ground floor. For more information, including current calls for art, please visit the Gallery Facebook page and the Gallery website. For questions, please email

Department of Psychiatry Advisory Council of Consumers (DPACC)

Department of Psychiatry Advisory Council of Consumers (DPACC) is a group of dedicated consumers, their families, and key Department of Psychiatry leaders. DPACC provides feedback and discusses ideas related to improvements of services, quality of care and consumer satisfaction, and works to see the changes they propose carried out. Read more detailed information about DPACC.

Raising 100,000 Voices

Raising 100,000 Voices is a project with local and regional organizations to engage disadvantaged youth and young adults (12-24 years old) in a “video voice” community education program. Youth participants learn about videography and filmmaking, and document their strengths and the challenges they face transitioning into adulthood via 3-minute documentaries. Learn more about Raising 100,000 Voices.

Stepping Out-Stepping Up

Stepping Out-Stepping Up Newsletter is sent via email (monthly) and print (thrice-yearly) to the Department of Psychiatry, patients (in wait areas), and community partners. These newsletters contain stories focused on diversity and community news of relevance to our department.

Artist in Residence

Charmaine Wheatley joins the Departments of Psychiatry and Infectious Diseases for one year commencing in January 2017 to combat stigma in mental health and HIV/AIDS. For more information on participating and the resulting exhibits see our Artist in Residence program page.