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Participatory Action

participatory action imageOnce you are aware of unfair bias, disempowerment, and privilege, you have the power to be a leader and create change or promote positivity! Here at Raising 100,000 Voices, we like to encourage youth to be active in the face of challenges and not be passive and ignore or accept mistreatment in the world.

The Apollos

Meet the trailblazing students who, over twenty years ago, fought to make Martin Luther King Jr. Day a national holiday.

If you SHARE it you can CHANGE it

Your particular point of view and expertise is an incredibly valuable and powerful tool. What needs to be said and put out into the world?One great way of sharing your voice is through video. If you can capture your story on video, you can share it, and work to make a change or promote positivity.

Here are some past stories of young people who shared positivity with their community:

Dare to Dream

By Cameron & Billy Young

Our message is that you can achieve your goals if you believe in yourself. You can have a dream and it can happen if you set goals for yourself. Cameron writes, "We are rap artists who are trying to make it in the music business. I was taught to believe in your dreams to make it happen - to achieve, have a goal and plan. My group is Silent Soldiers (Cameron Young, Tommy Crawford, and others) and Billy is '' We would like to thank WXXI, U of R, Roadwork for Success, Rochester City School District, Parsells Avenue Community Church - Doreen Young (TAN Director), Acme Recording Studio, family and friends who believe in our dreams." Billy writes - "I am long, complicated and serious getting to know me. I am a teddy bear for the community. I'd like to give special thanks to the community and the Raising 100,000 Voices committee. I want to extend special invitations to the people in the neighborhood for this event so they can see the positive in our neighborhood."

History of Hip Hop Dance

By Tyonique Colbert, Tynniqua "T-Bone" Cross, Daryell Drumgoole & Tanisha Robinson

Our message is hip hop dance had a big influence on dance and that it is an art form. We are involved in the TAN Teen Club and Production Company. We hope to do more films, ones that will make an impact on our peers. We'd like to thank WXXI, Roadwork for Success, University of Rochester, Parsells Avenue Church (CTC Lab), Rochester City School District and Ms. Young. Tynniqua "T-Bone" writes, "My personal message is to learn as many dances as you can. I am a child of three. I like to play my game systems. I like to play all sports. I like to play with my friends."

What will you decide to do? How will you cultivate your community into the healthy place you imagine it can be?