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Planning Your Video

The Key to a Well-Made Video is a Well-Thought-Out Plan!


You’ve got the power, now what’s the plan?

Let’s revisit the video prompt for your 3-minute video:

Express my state of mind about a topic of relevance to me as I become an adult in my community.

Tips for coming up with a topic:

  • STOP, LOOK, LISTEN: The world around you
  • SHOW: What you know via a short video that captures something relevant as you experience becoming an adult in your community.
  • PLAY: Back what is worth remembering and suggest how to change it or see it differently.

Have FUN and be CREATIVE while...

  • Talking about what I know
  • Giving voice to my community
  • Accessing powerful communication platforms
  • Delivering messages that can promote positive change
  • Content: What is the issue of concern or pride you wish to show?
  • What Matters: How does the community help or hinder your positive development? Where are opportunities?
  • Your Message: How do you imagine it could be changed for the better?
  • Who to Try to Inform: Who might want to know? Who is in charge? Who needs to know?


As you develop topics, styles and next steps (e.g., script development, camera practice, etc.), think about 3 criteria that promote commitment:

  1. Convey - Will the message be conveyed if I communicate it in this way? Will the message get lost or come across as overkill?
  2. Cost - Is it do-able (e.g., time, skills, equipment, etc.)?
  3. Creative - Are the ideas and views of real interest to me (e.g., novel, unique or different, etc.)?

Traps to avoid!

  • Time - commitment ("it's not easy"), obstacles
  • Sporadic involvement - Talk but no action
  • Exploration vs. pace to make deadline
  • Artistic process - comfort with topic, "work-in-progress" vs. fear of "not good enough" or "get in trouble"
  • Support needed (e.g., access locations)
  • Equipment over- or under-management
  • Voice vs. documentary (drama, negativity bias)
  • YOUR IDEAS (Not Artist-Mentors)
  • Copyright
  • SHOW don’t TELL

Get additional help developing your ideas!