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2020 Graduation Celebrations

Welcome to our 2020 Graduation Celebration Headquarters!


Psychiatry Graduates


Psychology Graduates


Psychiatry Graduates

General Psychiatry

Andrew MartinaAndrew Martina

Andrew has spent his life shuttling back and forth between Western New York and Boston.  A native of Buffalo, he left there to pursue his bachelor’s and master’s at Boston University.  He then went to work for the Oprah Winfrey Network before entering medical school at Albany Medical College. 

In addition to the usual resident duties, Andrew has served magnificently as Chief Resident, this during what has been, to say the least, a challenging year.  His organization, compassion, and wonderful leadership style have been amazing.  He also has Co-Authored a publication in Schizophrenia Research.

He will leave Rochester to return to Boston, this time as a Fellow on the Consultation/Liaison Service at the Brigham.

Lorangelly RiveraLorangelly Rivera

Lori Rivera did her undergraduate work in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the Universidad Metropolitana Cupey in her native Puerto Rico.  She then attended Ponce Health Sciences University’s School of Medicine for her MD.  Fortunately for us, she did an elective on the C/L service which apparently sold her on us, and us on her.

She has been a wonderful addition to our program.  Her bicultural background and her clear cultural humility have been wonderful assets.  She is a skilled therapist.

She will be moving to Providence RI where she will be joining Brown University and engaging in both inpatient and outpatient work.  She has been charged with opening a Spanish speaking outpatient clinic and initiating a culturally focused outpatient consult service.

Samantha KampSamantha Kamp

Sam came to us after a BS from SUNY Oneonta and an MD from SUNY Buffalo.  We are delighted to report that she will be staying on the faculty, teaching on the inpatient service and working in interventional psychiatry.

Dr. Kamp is an expert at motivational interviewing and working collaboratively with patients in crisis.  An avid gardener, she supports patient growth and wellness through rocky terrain.  During the recent COVID crisis, Sam repeatedly stepped in to fill service voids.  She was always the first to volunteer.  Dr. Kamp is excited to get married and travel with her soon-to-be-husband.

When asked to reflect on her time in Rochester, Sam said “I am so lucky to have been a part of the Psychiatry Residency program.  I have made lifelong friends and loved ones while learning how to be the best doctor I could be.”  Her favorite quote: "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it will become a memory" - Dr. Seuss

Transfer from General Psychiatry to Child and Adolescent

Kelly LambKelly Lamb

Kelly Lamb is leaving us to return to her home base in Minnesota where she will join their Child Psychiatry Fellowship. 

She came to us with a BA from the University of Minnesota in English.  She then spent years volunteering extensively with Planned Parenthood, as a teaching assistant in Anatomy, and gradually heeded the call to medicine, joining the U of M medical school where she went on to become Class President. She is a gifted clinician and very much a straight shooter and a leader.  She is the mother of Novalie.

When asked to reflect upon her time here she said:  “Although our time here was brief, we will sorely miss those who quickly became like family to us." 

Mustafa RehmaniMustafa Rehmani

A native of Pittsford, Mustafa, known to all as "Moose", received his undergraduate degree at the University of Rochester and then attended the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine.  This was then followed by two years in the family medicine residency at Arnet Ogden in Elmira before the light dawned and he entered our residency. 

In reading his application I am struck by the influence of his culture and his family.  He describes a visit to his family’s home country, Pakistan, where he was struck by his extraordinary luck and by their incredible social needs.  It is clear that he has a remarkable social conscience. 

When asked to reflect on his time here Moose replied:  “Too many things to say.  I think above all else my time here has taught me patience, to simply take a step back, and truly understand the parameters of the human condition.”

Larry SorrellLarry Sorrell

Larry Sorrell came to us from Florida where he attended Florida State University for his BS in Physics.  This was followed by a very successful career in information technology.  Later in life than most, he decided to pursue a career in medicine and entered the FSU College of Medicine.

He will be staying on in Rochester to enter the Child Fellowship.  While in Rochester he managed both to get married and to join the Army Reserves. 

When asked to reflect on his time here, Larry reported:  “As my time in Rochester is coming to an end, I feel truly fortunate to have been at an institution that shared and helped develop my passion for helping others and to explore the mysteries of the human brain.”

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Mark MessihMark Messih

Dr. Messih completed his undergraduate work at McMaster University, graduate work at University of Toronto, and attended medical school at St. George’s University School of Medicine.  

Dr. Messih focuses his academic, research and advocacy interests on building resiliency among vulnerable youth. His strength-based approach is often Marvel Comics inspired and beloved by adolescents.

Dr. Messih will be joining the faculty at Trillium Health Partners Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario and will be an Adjunct Faculty Member of the University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry, where he will be working in the adolescent medicine, transitional age youth and first episode psychosis clinics.

Dr. Messih is excited because he and his partner David hope to travel (if possible) in the summer and move into their first home in the fall. 

    - "Thank you everyone for your mentorship, friendship and kindness. I feel my training at University of Rochester has set me up for success as I start my career.​"

Maura TappenMaura Tappen

Dr. Tappen completed her undergraduate work at Dartmouth College and attended medical school at the University of Rochester. 

Dr. Tappen is a stalwart advocate for families and tirelessly devoted to her patients.  She can also work a Harry Potter reference into any therapeutic conversation.

Dr. Tappen will be joining the faculty at University of Rochester Medical Center, with primary clinical work at the Pediatric Behavioral Health and Wellness Outpatient Clinic. On a more personal note, Dr. Tappen is looking forward to hiking in the Finger Lakes and visiting with family in New Jersey before starting her new position. 

    - “I have really enjoyed receiving all of my training through the University of Rochester and am excited to continue working with this community.”​

Forensic Psychiatry

Brittany MottBrittany Mott

Brittany did her undergraduate work at SUNY Binghamton and attended medical school at American University of the Caribbean, and completed her psychiatric residency at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Not only did Brittany complete a scholarly project that will be published in the JAAPL, she completed two additional scholarly projects that were presented at the UR Dept of Psychiatry Poster Day!

Brittany will be joining as a fellow in the Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Jessica EeJessica Ee 

Jessica did her Undergraduate work at Geneseo, and moved on to complete her Medical school training at SUNY Upstate.

Jessica’s training in child adolescent psychiatry played an important role in her forensic psychiatry fellowship. Her scholarly project will be published in JAAPL later this year, which joins her publishing accomplishments along side a co-authored publication in Schizophrenia Research with Andrew Martina.

Jessica is planning on practicing child and adolescent and forensic psychiatry in Columbus, Ohio.

Geriatric Psychiatry

Tom JacobTom Jacob

Dr. Jacob graduated from the New York Institute of Technology and the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine before completing his general psychiatry residency here at the University of Rochester.

Tom is an immensely compassionate, skilled and thoughtful psychiatrist.  We all appreciate his calm demeanor!  He never hesitates to help and is an extremely reliable colleague.

Tom will be joining us here at UR as a Senior Instructor in Psychiatry in the Division of Geriatric Mental Health and Memory Care.  He will be joining the teams at the UR Older Adult Services and the Geriatric Telepsychiatry Program.  Tom was recently engaged and we are so glad that they are planting roots here in Rochester!

    - "The University of Rochester training programs have allowed me to feel confident moving forward as a Physician by providing a diverse learning environment and through the support of mentors, colleagues, and friends that were made there​.” 

Emily ClarkEmily Clark

Dr. Clark graduated from Missouri Western State University and Kansas City University of Medicine & Biosciences before completing her general psychiatry residency here at the University of Rochester.

Emily is beloved by all who know her.  She is an extremely skilled psychiatrist and we look forward to her continued growth as a memory care specialist and researcher.

Emily will be joining us here at UR as a Senior Instructor in Psychiatry in the Divisions of Geriatric Mental Health and Memory Care and Collaborative Care and Wellness.  This year, she got married and we all had to learn a different last name! 

    - “I’m looking forward to getting away from Tom Jacob for the first time in 5 years.”

Consultation Liaison Psychiatry

Adrianna HitchinsAdrianna Hitchins

Adrianna got her undergraduate degree at Bard College at Simon's Rock, completed medical school at Temple University and her Psychiatry residency at Yale.

Mark Nickels: “I’m happy Adrianna came here! Her interest in how the body, mind, and emotions inter-relate will be of great value in her work.”

Adrianna will stay on at URMC to complete the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship.

"Over the course of my C/L fellowship at the University of Rochester, I was able to broaden my experience within the field while also having the support in starting to identify and develop an area of expertise.”

Psychology Graduates


Aileen AldalurCongratulations to Aileen Aldalur, Psychology Intern – adult track – deaf wellness specialty

Aileen is exploring research opportunities, and hopes to stay in the Rochester area.

Dr. Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan notes, “Aileen is the definition of flexibility. She is steadfast in her advocacy for her patients and their families, and for colleagues – ensuring a positive experience for all.”


Rachael ArowoloCongratulations to Rachael Arowolo, Psychology Intern – child & adolescent track

Rachael is in the process of identifying a post-graduate position that will allow her to obtain specialized training in neuropsychology and assessment and treatment of children with autism.

Dr. Jennifer West notes, “Rachael’s expertise in autism spectrum disorder was greatly appreciated by all the teams where she provided service this year.”


Jia Hui “Yvonne” ChawCongratulations to Jia Hui “Yvonne” Chaw, Psychology Intern – adult track

Yvonne will be completing postdoctoral training at Brown University beginning in August.

Dr. Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan notes, “Yvonne approaches everything with grace and enthusiasm. She has done tremendous work in numerous settings and in each, she has taken on extra to promote the care of patients. We are excited to watch her career unfold as a clinician and scholar.” 


Melissa DudleyCongratulations to Melissa Dudley, Psychology Intern – child & adolescent track

Melissa will be an Assistant Professor in the Division of Counseling, School Psychology and College Student Development at Alfred University Continuing Studies.

Dr. Jennifer West notes, “Melissa made important research and program evaluation contributions on two school-based mental health projects mentored by Drs. Peter Wyman and Melissa Heatly.”


Shiloh EastinCongratulations to Shiloh Eastin, Psychology Intern – adult track

Shiloh “Lola” will be completing postdoctoral training at Brown University beginning in August.

Dr. Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan notes, “Lola is energetic and warm. She has a natural ability to embed herself into interdisciplinary teams and shift a dialogue to a more systemic, patient-family centered model. We are excited for all she might do in Women’s Health.”


Sarah GeorgiannaCongratulations to Sarah Georgianna, Psychology Intern – child & adolescent track

Sarah will be a postdoctoral fellow at the Light on Anxiety CBT Treatment Center in Chicago.

Dr. Jennifer West notes, “Sarah made important contributions as the first intern on the school-based mental health rotation and was valued as a compassionate, creative clinician.”


Jeremy “Mac” KellyCongratulations to Jeremy “Mac” Kelly, Psychology Intern – adult track

Mac will continue working with Dr. Lauren Wadsworth providing exposure therapy to patients who suffer from anxiety disorders and also continue to work With Drs. DeCaporale-Ryan & Allison Magnuson delivering telepsych services to geriatric oncology patients as part of an intervention trial.

Dr. Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan notes, “Mac approaches everything with curiosity and reflection. He has gone above and beyond in multiple complex clinical scenarios, always putting in 100% effort in everything he does. We are so glad that he will continue to contribute to our community.”


Elisabeth “Lizzie” O’RourkeCongratulations to Elisabeth “Lizzie” O’Rourke, Psychology Intern – child & adolescent track

Lizzie will be a postdoctoral fellow at Albany Medical Center's Department of Psychiatry providing individual and group treatment for children with a range of mental health and behavioral concerns in outpatient integrated care settings.

Dr. Jennifer West notes, “Lizzie is a highly effective clinician, especially in the delivery of evidence-based care to youth with co-occurring physical and mental health conditions.”


Marisa MaloneCongratulations to Marisa Malone, Ph.D., Psychology Postdoc – child & adolescent track

Marisa will join Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Rochester Regional Health as a staff psychologist.

Dr. Wendi Cross notes,  “Marisa has shown an outstanding ability to adapt treatments and trainings for telehealth and remote platforms. Her work has been especially critical for schools and children with autism spectrum disorder.”


Lindsay SyczCongratulations to Lindsay Sycz, Psy.D., Chief Psychology Fellow, Psychology Postdoc – Integrated Care Family track (Women’s Health)

Lindsay is currently considering opportunities for faculty positions in women’s health.

Dr. Wendi Cross notes, “Lindsay embraces diversity and creates a safe space for patients to explore their identities, challenges and successes.  She has been an exceptional Chief Fellow during a turbulent “Covid-19” training year.”