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Clinical Training Sites

“I was impressed with the faculty and vibe of the internship site – it was very collaborative and supportive rather than competitive.” – Doctoral Intern

Department of Psych
Department of Psychiatry, URMC

Psychiatry Atrium

The Psychiatry Department at URMC has 24 inpatient beds reserved for child and adolescent patients. The Department also has more than 220,000 outpatient visits annually, and our Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) sees over 30,000 patients per year. The diverse patient population and range of presenting issues at our institution make it an ideal place to learn.

Golisano Children’s Hospital

Golisano Children’s Hospital Pediatric Practice
Golisano Children’s Hospital Pediatric Practice

The General Pediatrics Clinic is one of the largest pediatric practices in Monroe County, serving over 12,000 patients in the greater Rochester area.

Neuromedicine and Behavioral Health Center
Neuromedicine and Behavioral Health Center on East River Road

This center provides the specialized services of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Child Neurology, and Pediatric Behavioral Health and Wellness. The many programs provide expert care for children and families affected by autism spectrum disorder and other developmental and behavioral conditions, allowing for collaborative, coordinated care in one location.