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About Us

Our Mission is to promote aging well in families of color through Outreach, Education, and Research, by:

The Aging Well Initiative is a community partnership of the Department of Psychiatry and a number of faith-based community organizations interested in promoting physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness in old age for all cultural and ethnic groups.

  • Engaging in dialogue with the community about ongoing and future aging research projects, with a current emphasis on African-American community research.
  • Offering educational programs at churches and schools for seniors of all cultural backgrounds.
  • Offering educational opportunities for students, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and investigators to learn about community outreach.
  • Conducting culturally relevant research on how to promote healthy aging and how to prevent problems, such as caregiver stress, stress-related diseases, depression, anxiety, and suicide.
  • Actively recruiting people of color into research projects.
  • Reporting research findings back to community groups.
  • Using research findings to help improve services.
  • Facilitating the hiring of people of color in the Department of Psychiatry.