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Committees and Workshops

Community Education Partnership

church meeting

  • Dr. Silvia Sörensen (Chair)
  • Dr. Kathryn Castle
  • Elif Cerebi (PRIDE Intern)
  • Maria Coletta (PRIDE Fellow)
  • Natalie Cort (PRIDE Fellow)
  • Ms. Elaine Daily, NP
  • Bishop Herman Dailey
  • Dr. Paul Duberstein
  • Minister Clifford Florence
  • Danette Gibbs (PRIDE Intern)
  • Mr. George Haizlip
  • Rev. Dr. Lawrence Hargrave
  • Ms. Mary Harper, BS
  • Ms. Cindy Hutton, MS
  • Ms. Kendra Marinucci, MSW
  • Dr. Joanne McGriff
  • Dr. Jenny Speice
  • Rev. Dr. John S. Walker

Ad-hoc Advisors

  • Rev. Iris Banister
  • Ms. Viola Curry
  • Dr. Steve Lamberti
  • Dr. Carol Podgorski
  • Ms. Wendy Rose