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Research Programs


Planning, Reasoning, and Everyday Problem Solving (PREPS)

This research project focuses on how seniors plan for personal care needs they may have in the future, how they communicate their care preferences to family and friends, and how they solve practical problems of everyday life. Call 275-2208 to inquire about participating in the study.

Risk and Protective Factors for Black Adolescents. Healthy families are important for aging well. This project explores the risk and protective factors for depression and suicide in adolescents and young adults. Call Dr. Kathryn Castle at 275-3630

Sleep Patterns and Insomnia across the Life-Span

Many older adults suffer from insomnia. The Sleep Research lab is conducting a number of studies in adults with insomnia. These include insomnia that occurs on its own as well as insomnia that occurs with chronic pain or with depression. Some of the studies include treatment with sleep medications and others involve treatment with non-medication, behavioral approaches. Good sleepers with no insomnia are also needed to serve as healthy control participants.

Past Studies

Communicating About Relationships and Emotions (CARE)

This project studied how seniors communicate about their feelings with family and friends and whether their loved ones can help them get assistance when they have special emotional needs, like depression.