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Raising 100,000 Voices - 2008

Meet the Film Makers

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21st Ward of Hip-Hop

ArtPeace, Inc.

Elijah Brown

I’m 15 years old, a rapper/beat maker, producer, and my rap name is Free Route. The reason for that name is that I think all the choices in my life is a free route for me to go what road to go down. My video is about letting people know we can rap without violence and we do know about Hip Hop. Thanks to God and my mom.

A Day in Lacey’s Life at Brighton High School

ArtPeace, Inc.

Lacey Brown

My name is Lacey Brown. I am a junior at Brighton High School. I love to dance, sing, act, model and I also draw. I am really into fashion and dance. I am a true fashionistic. I am 16-years-old and remember me now because I’m going to be a STAR! I want to share a great film and interviews of others. My video is about my life at Brighton, what type of school Brighton is. I love Brighton and I want to share it with others. My goal for this project is to show the people what my school’s about and why it’s a great school.

Ben’z Corner!

ArtPeace, Inc.

Ben Campbell

My message is “Think.” I am Ben! My favorite color is red. I love film and video games. Ben Campbell is a very odd old man. He should not be left alone with your children. He will influence them to question their parents’ authority and income. If you are reading this, it means that I am great. I AM BEN. You by yourself reading this has added to my great points. My greatness grows with each reader. Those many who don’t read this…I’m still great. Http://

The Machine

Baden Street Settlement

Khari Johnson

Computers for Education – Micrecycle & My Future

Baden Street Settlement

Andy Peña

Teens on Violence

Charles Settlement House, Inc.

Juanita Presha

My name is Juanita Presha. I go to Wilson Foundation Academy. I am 15 years old. I like to sing, dance, and hangout with my friends. My video is about how teens view violence among youth. I would like people to take home the message that teens are the only ones that can control the amount of violence. Special thanks to Sweetny Salter and Canty.

The Other Side of a Relationship

Charles Settlement House, Inc.

Jaquon Thomas

I like helping out other people who have issues using my own personal experiences to help them. I run track and play many other sports. My main goal is to give back to everyone who helped me in my life. My video is about the forms of abuse in a relationship and that it is not only male beating on female. Special thanks to the staff at Charles Settlement House and everyone who participated in the video and supported me.

Steppin’ It Up N Rochester, New York

Charles Settlement House, Inc.

Mildrena Vega

My name is Mildrena Vega. I graduated from School of the Arts in 2007 as Captain of the two-time Rochester Step-Off female team, Legacy. I currently serve as one of team coaches for Legacy, coach of the #17 step team, the Elements, and President of the Monroe Community College Step Team. My video is about how Step keeps youth and adults in something positive. It creates bonds as it builds character. It’s not just stomping and clapping. Special thanks to Charles Settlement House, especially my sister, Sweetny, and all those that have made me such a success.

Rochester’s Curfew

Community Place Y.A. P. Program

Atiah Anglin

I am a 15 year old female. I go to School of the Arts as a vocal major. I have the goal to become a doctor. I love to sing and hang out with my friends. I would like to thank my mom for always standing by my side, Moe and Y.A.P. My video is about the new Rochester City curfew and the effect it will have on youth.

Young Men Speak On Fatherhood

Community Place Y.A. P. Program

Vonderick Knight

I go to Charlotte High School as a junior. I like to play football. And I would like to work with kids when I get older. Thank you to everyone I interviewed. Your honesty really made it come alive. My video is about fatherhood and the effect that not having a father can and does have on young men. I would like to thank my grandparents for always being there for me and also the Community Place and Y.A.P. and to everyone I interviewed. Your honesty made it come alive.

We Can Do It!

Dazzle School of Visual and Performing Arts, Inc.

Lyndsy Bayer, Tami Kryger & Stacy Vogl

My name is Lyndsy and I am 17 years old. I enjoy staying active in many events and programs. I will soon be receiving a guide dog for myself to assist me in everyday skills. I look forward to that very much. I hope to work with this program again next year. I have enjoyed working on this project and would like to thank my mom, Irene Bayer for working with us. Also, Steve Cali, Cynthia Goodwin, Anne Smith, other parents and team members and Anne Harvey, Director of Dazzle School for making this available to me.

Tami writes, “I live at Berchman Drive residential home and enjoy being active in programs and work. I enjoy acting and being active in productions and programs. I have been involved in this program for the past two years and have really enjoyed it. I have learned a lot and hope to come back next year.”

Stacy writes” I reside at Berchman Drive residential home. I work and participate in many programs and sports. I am always anxious and willing to learn new skills and remain active in events and productions at Dazzle Theatre. I have enjoyed the program and hope to participate next year. This was my first year that I was the star in my video and I really like that.”


Dazzle School of Visual and Performing Arts, Inc.

Kathleen Buick, Quintin Christian & Andrew Rondeau

Kathleen writes,I am Kathleen and I like keeping busy. I try and get involved with programs and events and enjoy being active. I attend many programs and enjoyed making this video. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to seeing my video up in lights on that big screen with me in it. I would like to thank Anne Harvey and Dazzle School for including me in this program. I would also like to thank my family for supporting me, Steve Cali, Anne Smith, Cynthia Goodwin and the other parents who helped us make this program a go. I also want to thank Andrew, Quintin and Quintin’s mom for working with our team.”

Quintin writes, “I am a 15 year old young man who enjoys staying busy with programs and sports events. I have enjoyed making this video and working with others on the project. I hope to come back and do it again next year. I want to give my special thanks to Anne Harvey, Dazzle Director, for including me in this project. I would also like to thank Steve Cali, Cynthia Goodwin, Anne Smith and my mom for helping me with this project. I also want to thank WXXI and the U of R for making this all happen.”

Andrew writes,”My name is Andrew Rondeau and I enjoy being active in events, productions, programs. I enjoy working with other individuals and look forward to doing more of that. I would like to thank Anne Harvey, Executive Director, Dazzle School, Steve Cali, Anne Smith, Cynthia Goodwin and the entire team who worked with me on this video. I enjoyed doing this project and hope to come back next year. I would also like to thank my mom for bringing me to the project and helping our team. I love you, mom. Thank you to WXXI and U of R for making this program available. It was fun and I liked it a lot."

The Difference Between Us

Grace Community Village, Inc.

Evan Bartter

My film is a visual perspective on the differences between city and suburban schools. Thanks to who helped me on this project – Ms. Daun Nicholas, Mr. Terrance Brennan and friends.

Last Night

Grace Community Village, Inc.

Jonathan Hawthorne

My film is a dream sequence with family and friends. I thought was funny. Thank you to my family and friends, the Y.E.P.P. program at Grace Community Village.

Keys to Success

Grace Community Village, Inc.

Patricia Robinson

My film is about the importance of getting an education. Thanks to who helped me on this project: Theresa and James Quick and Kenny and additional thank yous to Ms. Daun and friends.

My View of Hip Hop

Mt. Hope Family Center

Tommy Crawford

I am a 19-year-old man who is inspired by Hip Hop. My video’s message is that Hip Hop is complex. Thanks to Tim Shea, Wendy Nilsen and everyone involved in the project.

The World of Thi

Mt. Hope Family Center

Elizabeth Fitzwater

I am a sophomore in high school. I am interested in writing. I feel it is necessary for teenagers to be more realistic about their weight. My video’s message is that girls should not focus on thin. They are beautiful the way they are. It is unhealthy to lose a lot of weight.

There’s No Place Like Home

Mt. Hope Family Center

Danielle Sade James

Danielle Sade James is a senior at the University at Buffalo. She is a double major in theatre and communication. Her goal is to attend graduate school for theatre next year. This video’s theme is about how stability or instability in a person’s home life influences several aspects of that person’s life in the long-term.

Untold Story

Mt. Hope Family Center

Jamella Saintelle James

My name is Jamella Saintelle James and I aspire to be many things. I am pursuing a career in family law, as I aspire to be a significant figure in children’s lives who will go through the struggles and difficulties that I’ve already faced. I am interested in sports, music, dance art, literature, many things that people can creatively express themselves through. I write poetry too! Most of all I am interested in being happy and this video has served as a cathartic way to release stress and tension related to my past, let the hurt go, and let happiness in. My video is a representation of the struggles and the victories that my family and I have faced through a short amount of time. Remarkably it demonstrates the fear, grief strength, and resilience of a young girl who grew up to be more than a woman, but an element of life. I’d like to thank my family for their patience and allowing me to illustrate a piece of their world to others. Also, I’d like to thank Kellen Cooper for his creative genius and being my guide in helping me make this film. Thank you.


Mt. Hope Family Center

Chris Schelb

I am a jazz flautist. I am in the 8th grade at School of the Arts. I also take classes at Eastman so I can have a diploma in music. I love music! Not just jazz, but heavy metal and classical (sometimes). I would like to thank Mike Kaupa because he gave me jazz, Jose Encarnacion, Ed Schelb and Wendy Nilsen.

Transitioning Out of Foster Care

Grace Community Village, Inc.

Michael Vzsquez

I am a 19-year-old aspiring photographer who’s in foster care. I want to create visual work that informs what people do. My video is about raising awareness about adolescents aging out of foster care. Thanks to Todd Ranous and all the participants in my video.

Eat Your Breakfast P.S.A.

Rochester Community TV, INC. (RCTV-15) and Youth Voice, One Vision

Marissa Balnon-Rosen

Marissa is a junior in the International Bacc. Program at Wilson High School. She enjoys creating PSAs and hopes to focus on advertising in college. She also plays piano at the Eastman School of Music, along with flute and bass. Marissa hopes to create a documentary on prevention of youth violence in Rochester. She is part of Youth Voice, One Vision. My video’s message is that it is important to eat breakfast. Thank you to Austin, Scott, Joe, April, Josh Bloodworth, my Mom, Dad, Peter and Felicia.

Blood Diamonds, Cause and Effect

Rochester Community TV, INC. (RCTV-15) and Youth Voice, One Vision

Charles L. Jackson, JR.

I am a 7th grader at Frederick Douglas Northwest College Prep. and I am smart goofy and an out going person who loves to read and play video games. Part of Youth Voice, One Vision. I really enjoyed doing this project and I hope people will see the problems blood diamonds cause. My video’s message is to see the real issue blood diamonds are causing and how it affects the people in those countries. Also, how we can stop this from happening. A special thanks to Josh Bloodworth.

Job Interviews

Rochester Community TV, INC. (RCTV-15) and Youth Voice, One Vision

Khadijah Jackson

My name is Khadijah. I am 14. I am a 7th grader. I am a part of Youth Voice One Vision. I go to Northwest College Prep. I hope people will learn the proper way to come to a job interview and how you are supposed to dress. I also want to own by own business some day. Thanks to all who were in my video.

Life as a Little Sister

Rochester Community TV, INC. (RCTV-15) and Youth Voice, One Vision

I am a 6th grader at Helen Barret Montgomery. I am 11-years-old in a family of five and I want to run track or own a restaurant when I grow up. I’m also a member of Youth Voice, One Vision television show. My video is about how difficult it is to be a little sister. I want to thank my sisters for letting me film them and everybody for putting the time in my video.

JROTC Presentation

Rochester Community TV, INC. (RCTV-15) and Youth Voice, One Vision

William “P.J.” Smith

I am a sophomore at East High School and enrolled in the NJROTC and I’m very interested in joining the Navy and I’m also interested in photography and videography. I previously made a video on our NJROTC program and look forward to accomplishing my next one. I’d like to thank the current students and alumni that are or were enrolled in the program and thanks to the RCTV staff that helped me and my slideshow. My video shows the events and things we do in the program through a series of pictures and gives you an idea about the NJROTC/Navy Junior Reserves Officers Training Corps. Thanks to Jasmine Osbourne, Nancy Price, Joshua Bloodworth and Melanie Killian (for helping me on my video).

Whose Life is it, REALLY?

Teens Advocating Nonviolence (TAN) at Parsells Avenue Community Church

Taylor Barnes, Halima Musaed, Tanniqua “T-BONE” Cross, IXia Lipet. Caroline “CeCe,” jalen mccall, and jovan smith

The youth who participated in Raising 100,000 Voices are members of TAN and are active in programs at Parsells Community Church, ex-computer lab, teen group and other collaboratives that offer program for youth in our area. The video is about how decisions teens make - whether positive or negative affect family, community and themselves. Special thanks to our sponsors/funders, TAN members, Parsells Community Church, Webster Rec. Center @ Adonai Church- Hector and Kay.

Water Wise

Water Tower Academy

Dwayne & Albert

Albert writes that he was born in Rochester, NY and lives on Scio Street. “My career choice is an electrical engineer. Thanks to Jon Black, John Davis, Courtney Walker and everybody in their prospective places".

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in America

Water Tower Academy

Lareeka & Brena

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do something like this. We’d like to give a special thanks to all the people who have helped us along our journey towards being successful. If you have any concerns about having STDs go see your doctor or Planned Parenthood.


Water Tower Academy


Special thanks to Trendal and her daughter