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Raising 100,000 Voices - 2009

Meet the Film Makers

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What If...

Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired-Goodwill

Kirstyn Button, Destiny Diaz, Preston Field, Cameron Fry, Tiffany Krause & Max Schutz

ABVI is the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. This video project was done as part of the ABVI’s Career Vision program. The filmmakers are from a variety of backgrounds and school districts. Overcoming the challenge of a visual impairment is no different than facing any other challenge. This relates to health in how young people with a visual impairment face challenges.

Living Life

Center for Youth Services

Carrie Anderson

What do different people think it means to “live life” great? Emotional health is tied to personal peace.

Foster Care...the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Center for Youth Services

Loveasia Leslie

I’m glad to be in a home where I feel loved. Mental health is affected by receiving love or the lack of.

Influences that Help You Mature

Center for Youth Services

Barbara Rivera

We don’t all grow at the same rate. Being a healthy adult takes work.

Victim of a Stalker

Charles Settlement House, Inc.

Mary Crawford, Loquetta Dennard, Monique Harrison, Richard Henry, Kiandra Mcfarley, Teshar Rouse, Kenneth Valion & Nikea Yelder

Don’t allow a stalker to control your life. Take back your life. We are teens with a united voice. Hope you listen.

Mary writes," It is unhealthy to feel unsafe, peer pressure, scared, paranoia or home bound.”

Loquetta writes, “I am a 13 year old young lady and I attend Charles Settlement House Teen Club. I would like to thank all the Charles Settlement House staff and my parents for letting me attend Raising 100,000 Voices and the Raising 100,000 Voices staff for letting Charles Settlement House attend all of these years.”

Kenneth writes, “If you do have a stalker, talk to your parents or the police or just somebody you trust. The person being stalked may suffer from depression, anxiety, paranoia or fear. I want to go to college to become a successful lawyer."

Nikea writes," I go to John Marshall and I love playing football and double dutching. If you are being stalked, it may cause you to want to disguise yourself and that’s not healthy".


Charles Settlement House, Inc.

Mary Crawford, Loquetta Dennard, Monique Harrison, Richard Henry, Kiandra Mcfarley, Teshar Rouse, Kenneth Valion & Nikea Yelder

We are 13-17 year old students who want to reach the community with topics important to us. One is rape be pro-active in your community. Don’t wait until it comes to you.

Teenage Reality!

Community Place of Greater Rochester Sector 8 Youth/Adult Partnership

Atiah Tatyana Anglin, Damani Majors & Jessiemarie Sanchez

Our video is about the struggles average teens face and encounter on a daily basis. Mental health of the teens is shown in the video. We would like to give a special thanks to our parents for supporting us in everything we do, to the Community Place of Greater Rochester for helping us to have this opportunity, and a special thanks to Maurice Haskins because without him none of this would be possible.  The youth of the Youth/Adult Partnership Program would like to thank Luke Barnum for his undying support and patience with us throughout the whole process. We appreciate and value your knowledge and talent. Thanks again.

Atiah writes," I am a 16-year-old Junior at School of the Arts and I have a vocal major. During my free time I play volleyball and am a Varsity Cheerleader. I am also one of the many leaders in the YAP Program at the Community Place of Greater Rochester. After I graduate I plan on going to Clark Atlanta University where I plan to study Psychiatry. I also would like to get my license in cosmetology so I can invest in my own beauty salon once I relocate in Atlant"a.

Damani writes ",I like sports, video games, and food. I would like to attend Syracuse University to study pre-med so I can go on to med school and become a pediatrician. I am currently a Junior in School of the Arts. My major is vocal. I am 16 years ol"d.

Jessiemarie writes, “Hi, my name is Jessiemarie Sanchez and I attend School of the Arts. I am a vocal major. I am interested in sports and I LOVE to sing and have fun. My goals consist of graduating from high school and going to college to study pre-med and become a pediatrician".

Without a Father

Community Place of Greater Rochester Sector 8 Youth/Adult Partnership

Atiah Tatyana Anglin, Jamar Knight & Vonderick Knight

Our video tells of the views of teenage females on fatherhood. Our thanks to all the young ladies that shared with us and the YAP Program.

The Differences Between Suburban Schools & City Schools

Community Place of Greater Rochester Sector 8 Youth/Adult Partnership

Devin Anglin, Shaquanda Stubbs & Cameron Tyson

Our video is about the Youth/Adults on the topic of both city and suburban schools. People are affected by the environment they go to school in. We want to show the YAP Program! Thank you to those who participated in the documentary and took the time out to be interviewed.

Devin writes, "I am 14 years old and attend School of the Arts. My interests are sports and music. I play basketball and enjoy playing the drums and piano. Our film is going to relate to environmental health – health within the school"s.

Shaquanda writes," I am 14 years old and attend Pittsford Mendon High School. I like hanging out with friends and cheerleading".

Cameron writes," I am 14 years old and I attend School of the Arts as a 9th grade vocal major. I like to sing, perform on stage, and eat!"

Teen Trends

Community Place of Greater Rochester Sector 8 Youth/Adult Partnership

Dominique Lumpkins, Marquis Pearson & Teilyn Walker

Our video is about the different styles of dress of youth today. It shows that youth express their different personalities by their style of dress. Every day has a different style or different diversity. People dress how they feel and it can boost their self confidence. Likewise, it can reduce their self confidence because some people might not like what you wear and you are disappointed. Special thanks from us to SOTA, YAP, and our families.

Dominique writes “I am 16 years old and attend School of the Arts. My goals are modeling, having a wife, and college. My interests are modeling, cooking, and baking".

Marquis writes, "I am a 15-year-old who attends School of the Arts. My goal is to attend college. My interests include singing, dancing, and drawing."

I am Teilyn, a 15-year-old who attends Rochester Academy Charter School. My goals include finish school, make money, and be happy!! My interests include having fun, hangin’ out, and livin’ life.

Rochester Youth Homicide

Community Place of Greater Rochester Sector 8 Youth/Adult Partnership

Daniel Sutton

I go to Charlotte High School and I am a member of the YAP program. I think the voiceover came out real good on our film. 

Weight Room

Dazzle School of Visual and Performing Arts, Inc.

Victoria Arquinzoni, Mathew Bateman, Edgardo Burrgos, Dylan Fenti, Kaitlind Klump, Michael Lloyd, April Stich, Stacy Vogl

Mental health is important for everyone. Our video shows how picking on people is never a healthy way to approach life. Being picked on at school, especially gym class, is something many people can relate to. Bringing continuing attention to this problem helps overcome bullying and being bullied. The effect that being bullied has on someone and how the group in our film “forgave” the bully and welcomed them into their group is portrayed in our film.

Victoria writes, "This Raising 100,000 Voices experience has made me think more about how hard it is to make a film. I also have made many new friends that are very nice. I like to play games, listen to music, and dance. I also like being a helpful person. It is unhealthy to pick on people".

Mathew writes," My performance is dedicated to my Mom. Every person can be a super hero. I want to be an actor when I grow up. I like animals, little kids, and especially my family. Lifting weights is healthy. Bullies are bad. People can learn to get along".

Edgardo writes," It was a very good opportunity and I made many new friends. I like to dance the Salsa, watch movies and I also like going to Dazzle".

Dylan writes, "I really like Drama and Dazzle".

Kaitlind writes, "I love Hanna Montana and her music. I also love Dazzle. I would like to thank all those who helped me be a participant in this program. A special thanks to Dylan, our Tech man".

Michael writes, "I think working with Dazzle in Raising 100,000 Voices has been so much fun. I like sports! I feel it is important to be kind to everyone for their mental health".

April writes, "Creating this video has been a rewarding experience. I really enjoy taking movie pictures with my Sony at home. I feel it is important to be kind to everyone for their mental health".

Stacy writes," I like to talk to friends on the phone. I also like to watch movies and coming to Dazzle programs. I would like to thank everyone at Dazzle for giving me this opportunity to participate for the third year in a row".

Learning About Diabetes

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Jissel Aponte

My name is Jissel and I play in the drum line and I’m as good as all the boys! I like to draw and I love to listen to music. I want to create computer games when I graduate. I want to go to School of the Arts next year to major in creative writing because I like to write fantasy. I made a video on diabetes because my uncle has diabetes and I have seen him be sick and don’t want anyone to have to feel like he does. Make healthy food choices so you won’t have diabetes. Eat healthy snacks instead of junk food. Thanks to Ms. Adams, Mrs. Hamilton, Luis, Mr. Griffin, and Mr. Bland.

Facts About Bullies

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Austin Bloss

I am a good sports player. I am 12 years old and in some ways a bully. I hope this video helps people to stop bullying and learn good ways to get along with each other. No one deserves to be bullied. The real truth about bullying will help people see how much a problem bullying is and help them want to do something about it. Bullying hurts a person’s feelings and makes them feel bad about themselves when they have a right to feel good about themselves. A very special thanks to Randy Schenk and Janice Daitz for helping me create my video and Paul Schwartzman from Fairport Counseling Services for allowing me to use material from his website. It is healthy to learn from your mistakes and never do it again. Bullying makes you and the other person feel bad.

Trash Talk

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Lianis Corniel

This video shows what your neighborhood could look like if you don’t recycle. There won’t be any clean neighborhoods to live in and there won’t be any materials left for the future generations to use. I want to be a police officer to help the world and make a program to reward kids who clean up their neighborhood. I would like to thank Randy Schenk our Technology Instructor and Jeff Meyers of Monroe County Resource Recovery Facility (Metro Waste Paper Recovery, Inc). Recycling is healthy because it helps the neighborhood, people will stay healthier without garbage around, it saves materials for the future, and makes you feel good.

Don't Drop Out!!!

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Joseph Lee

I like to play chess. I want to become a baseball player. I did this video to tell kids if they stay in school they will get what they want in life. If you drop out of school, no one will pay you enough money to have your needs met.If you get sick, you won’t have money to get well and you might die. My parents encouraged me to stay in school even when I didn’t want to go because they said education is the most important thing in a person’s life. Without it you have nothing. Stay in school and get your diploma. Tell your kids to stay in school. If you are a graduate, try to help dropouts to go back to school. Staying in school helps you feel good about yourself because you can take care of yourself.

Questions About Bullying

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Robert Rogers

I am Robert Rogers and I have two brothers and two sisters. My goal is to get out of school and work in a psychiatric center to help people who are going through such problems. I did this project because I want to help people who are being bullied. Bullying is not just teasing. My video gives answers to questions people ask about bullying. People do not want to be bullied because it makes them feel bad. I want to thank Randy for helping me with my video, WXXI for giving us the money for the cameras, Mrs. Sassone for recommending I do this project to help me stop bullying other people, teachers and staff at School #30 for taking time to let me interview you.

Healthy Choices

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Christana Thacker

I am on the Step Team and African Dance. I want to go to School of the Arts next year. My favorite subjects are English and Global History. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. I did this video because I want to make healthy choices when I eat so I can live longer, and I want other people to learn how to manage their weight. 

What is Respect

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Luis Villiavcencio

Learn what respect is, why people don’t respect themselves and others, and what they can do to earn respect. Respect is the key to being successful in life. I am a smart student and have seven brothers and sisters. I play in the drum line at school. To have a healthy mind you have to respect yourself. If you care about yourself, you will care and respect others. Bad things will happen to you if you don’t respect yourself and others. A special thanks to Randy Schenk who helped me put my camera taping into a video.

Violence Everywhere

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Darik White

My name is Darik White. Put your guns away and survive the day! Everyone has a right to be safe in their neighborhood. I have two brothers. I want to go to School of the Arts next year and major in Theater Tech and Visual Arts. I want to get a job designing blueprints on the computer when I finish school. I did this video because I wanted to learn how to make a movie and because I am worried that there are no positive role models on the streets to help kids become successful in life. I would like to thank Mrs. Hamilton and Randy Schenk for helping us with the project. Violence in our neighborhood is unhealthy and hurts everyone.

Late Students

Grace Community Village, Inc.

Kamal Dahal

I am a 17-year-old boy in the tenth grade from Thomas Jefferson High School. I would like to become an accountant. My video is about the tardiness of students and time management. Time management promotes good health and sleep is important. I would like to thank Miss Daun, WXXI, my brother, Mr. Keenan, Miss Boland, Miss Never, my uncle and myself!

The Mind of a Woman

Grace Community Village, Inc.

Jonathan Hawthorne

I worked really hard on this film and hope you like it. I like to draw. I have a lot of courage and hope to become a pilot some day. I feel it is worthy to take a chance – you never know what is going to happen. Everyone needs someone to talk to about anything to get rid of stress. Live life to the fullest. I would like to thank Miss Daun and friends.

Sunday Prayer

Grace Community Village, Inc.

I am Shiva and I’m from Nepal. I like movies and was interested in doing the video. My goal is to become a director some day. My video is about Sunday prayer in our living room. It is important to have spiritual health, mind, body and spirit health to make a community. We need to be together and help each other. I would like to thank Miss Daun, thanks to WXXI, my church, and Pastor Dinesh.

What to Do When You Are Bored

Grace Community Village, Inc.

Adrian Mayers

My video is about my brothers and me playing basketball. You have to be healthy and fit to play basketball. I am interested in going to college and my goals are to play basketball and watch my baby brother. I am a young man who desires basketball and loves candy. My video looks at what other people do when they are bored. I would like to thank my Mom and my best friend, Jesus.

School Violence

Grace Community Village, Inc.

I want to see violence in schools stopped now! One cause of violence is a student’s mental health and self esteem.

The Mind of "Stackes"

Grace Community Village, Inc.

Deon Wilson

My video is about everyone coming together to stop violence in the community. I want a better community for the kids in my neighborhood. I aspire to be a successful business man who gives back to the community. I also want to make positive changes in the lives of young people. I believe, If your mind ain’t right, your pockets ain’t right. Healthy minds produce great opportunities. Once you set your mind to doing what’s right, you will live right. Mental health is being informed, positive influences, and making good choices.

Innocent Lives

Operation Higher Learning, Inc. And The Freedom School

Zuheily Acevedo, Shakier Bizzle, Shareeka Burrows, Jaquan Campbell, Ali Foster, Janasia Foster, Bryan Gifford, Kiera Martin, Virna Ocasio, Tevin Sewart

I am a track runner and Senior at IIT at Edison Tech. I will be attending the University of Buffalo in September on a full scholarship. I am a Section V Track Champion multiple times in indoor and outdoor track. Part of my scholarship is academic because I am ranked in the top 20 Seniors in my graduating class of over 400 students. I will be taking up marketing at the University of Buffalo and plan on getting my MBA when I am finished. My Media class has helped me do many things that had helped me get into college. My video is to raise the question of using steroids – the pros and cons. The use of steroids in sports is important today, especially for young athletes.

Sexual Health

Operation Higher Learning, Inc. And The Freedom School

Marlena Gorham

My name is Marlena Gorham and I am 17 years old. I’m graduating from IIT at Edison Tech this year. I am going to college in the winter at MCC and then plan on finishing at the University of Rochester. I will be majoring in nursing to pursue my dream of becoming a registered nurse. I have been majoring in Media communications at IIT at Edison over the past three years and feel that it is a good preparation for the outside world. I’m a very dedicated and talented student and I motivate myself to do anything I put my mind to. “Listening is the Key to Success” – thanks for listening and watching our films. My video is a discussion of why sexual health is important to young people and sexual health is a big topic. There are many individuals affected by STDs.

Fashion Police

Operation Higher Learning, Inc. And The Freedom School

Taylor Barnes, Koya Burnett, Alantiaja Grant, Shadiqua Grant, Zny’ Honesty, Halima Musead, Dominique Newton, James Newton, Treron Newton, Marigault Quadajah, Jovan Smith, Imani Walker

Some fads can lead to problems. Teens are attracted to fads. It’s ok to be yourself. It is important to learn to make positive decisions which effect all that you do in life.

Taylor is a student at Rochester Preparatory School (5th grade). She has been a part of the program with TAN for 3 years with Raising 100,000 Voices. She made great contributions to the films. She is involved in many community activities.

Alantiaja is the youngest member of TAN (preteen) and our mascot. She is active at Parsell Church and is involved in many programs there.

Shadiqua is one of TAN’s new members and of the Raising 100,000 Voices program. She is a student at Monroe High School and is also active at church and the community.

Zny’ is a student in Rochester Preparatory School. She is a new member of both TAN and Raising 100,000 Voices. She is active in community activities and was very interested in the teen issues. She is 11 years old. Her video is about how girls and boys dress but their parents won’t let them and the ways they handle their peer pressure. Zny’ wants to thank Mrs. Doreen Young, for helping out and Ms. Driscoll and all the other teachers for coming out to support us. 

Halima is a student at Northeast Preparatory School. She has been very active in TAN, Raising 100,000 Voices and programs in the community. She is very interested in teen issues and contributed a lot of time to our films.

Dominique, James and Treron are our new TAN members this year and to Raising 100,000 Voices. They contributed great ideas but moved to E. Rochester which kept them from finishing the film. They will still be involved in TAN and Raising 100,000 voices.

Jovan is a 6th grade student at Rochester Preparatory School. He has been active in TAN and Raising 100,000 Voices for 3 years. He is also very active in other programs in the community and contributed a lot of great ideas for the films.

Imani is a student at Freddie Thomas. She is also very active in TAN, and community activities. She has contributed many great ideas to our films.

I Try To Imagine Everything: Keeping Families Together

Y.O.U. and the University of Rochester Department of Psychiatry

Paul Douglas

I am a 17-year-old superstar! I am completing my school requirements now and will start cosmetology training in the fall. Watch out world, I am coming! I say, never split families apart because they will always come back together.

Keep America High

Y.O.U. and the University of Rochester Department of Psychiatry

Chris Schelb

My video looks at what would happen if the whole country was high. Don’t do drugs! Drugs are bad for your mind and body and just plain not healthy. I am a Freshman at School of the Arts. I love music and play jazz flute and classical piano.

Let's Talk About Basketball

Y.O.U. and the University of Rochester Department of Psychiatry

Edwin Albaran, Shamier Allenh, Shonale Johnson

My name is Freddy and I’m 18 yrs old, my interest is sports and seeing young kids grow up. My goal for this event is working on changing kids’ minds about foster care. My video is about how foster care can help youth and families in the community. I hope it helps you discover a positive or negative feeling about how foster care helped families. Special thanks to Todd and all the people that helped me achieve my goals.