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Raising 100,000 Voices - 2010

Meet the Film Makers

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The Faces of the Market

Center For Youth Services

Jordan McCloud, Marquis Richardson, Dominique Reed, Barbara Rivera

The video is about taking a closer look at the way Rochester works. It’s about the different personalities of our city—taking a look at how our city is and how different we are.

Jordan McCloud writes, I am a smart and funny person, very talkative.

Marquis Richardson writes, I am a hard working young man

Dominique Reed writes, I’m smart, funny, cool kid. Two plus two is four. You gotta put two things together to get the expected results.

Barbara Rivera writes, I am a good positive person. I love listening to different people’s point of view. I would like to thank the Center for Youth for doing this project. Thank you to all who let us interview them.

A Young Man's Success

Charles Settlement House, Inc.

Akeela Herring, Laquetta Dennard, Teshar Rouse, Hardwick Dennard

Our video is about what it takes for a young man to be successful and how adults can help.

The Charles Settlement House Teen Club writes, We are the teens from the Charles House Teen Club. We enjoy creating documentaries on topics that help give a voice to teens. Special thanks to all adults who work with youth.

Theater of Life

Dazzle School of Visual and Performing Arts, Inc.

Amy Onq, Victoria Arquinzoni, Kaitlind Klump, Talia Lott, Royce Simmons, Ainsworth Dennis

Our video is about how it feels to enter adulthood, how hard it is to be an adult and all of the physical, and mental changes when getting over the age of 21.

Victoria Arquinzoni writes I attend Dazzle School. This is my 3rd year in the Raising 100,000 Voices program. Thanks to my fellow actors and Dazzle school.

Amy Onq writes - This is my first year at Dazzle school and the Raising 100,000 Voices program. Thanks to Anne Harvey, Dazzle School, and to the artist mentors: Linda Wood, and Barb Klump.

Royce Simmons writes “This is my first year at Dazzle School and the Raising 100,000 Voices program.

Kaitlind Klump writes, “This is my fifth year at Dazzle School and third year with the Raising 100,000 Voices program.

Ainsworth Dennis writes, “This is my first year at Raising 100,000 voices and first year at Dazzle School.

Senior Segments 2010: High School Seniors Tell How To Get the Most Out of High School

East High School

Abigail Milliman, Dallas Clinton, Brielle Salandy, Nick Williams, Ryan Jackson, John Young

Steppin' Up: The Color of Culture

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Jonika Davis

My video’s take home message is that all people are created equal and should be treated the same, regardless of their color. If a person is not treated the same as everyone else, they will feel depressed and lonely. Special thanks to Ms. Killings for coaching our step team.

Rappin' with Ronnie

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Darius McCrea

I am Darius McCrea and I love playing games. My video’s take home message is to stay in school, ‘cause school is cool! If you stay in school you can become what you want to be. If you drop out, you won’t get what you want in life.

K.C. The Clean Up Cop

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

L.J. Greenwood

I enjoy karate, computers, and chess. I want to attend Edison Tech to learn how to use technology to produce music. Trash can be turned into treasures. My video shows how to take care enough to share the responsibility of taking care of the environment by recycling trash. If you don’t recycle paper and trash, your world will die because there will not be enough trees to make oxygen and protect you from UV rays of the sun. Thanks to my mom, dad, and sister for letting me do this project. Thanks to my teacher, Ms. Killings, for letting me out of class to edit the videos. Thanks to Mrs. Hamilton for teaching me how to edit the videos.

The Sugar Story

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Michael King

I am a math brainiac and I love to draw and I really want to get into SOTA. My video’s take home message is to be true to your teeth and they will never be false to you! Consuming candy and soda leads to tooth decay. People don’t realize how much sugar is in soda and candy and what it can do to their teeth. Thanks to Dr. Kimberly Richards, dentist. Thanks to my mom for letting me do the project. Thanks to my brother, Gage, who inspired me to do the project because he eats too much candy.

Get Tough!!!!! Get Up and Boogie

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Rexford Johnson

I play clarinet and sing in chorus. My video’s take home message is that everyone needs exercise or you will shorten your life. If you exercise, you will live longer. Thanks to my friend L.J. Greenwood for teaching me how to edit my video.

Bully Bully

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Marquan Gibson

I want the whole world to know that I am a peaceful guy. My video’s take home message is that being bullied affects all of us. A special thanks to Officer

Character Counts

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

School #30 Warriors Step Team & L.J. Greenwood

The video defines character and how it affects your future. This video was made because a student shared how their dad got fired because of something he did and these students want you to learn how character affects one’s future.

Healthy Minds, Bodies, and Spirits

General Elwell S. Otis School #30, RCSD

Quad-A After School Program Students of School #30

This video shows how after school programs help students to have a healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit and healthy soul. This video shows how after school programs are in danger of being cut because of lack of funding. The video was produced to help show how these programs helps students and to help secure funding and support by encouraging youth to participate in these.

We Wanna Be Startin' Somethin!

Grace Community Village, Inc.

Youth Empowerment Production Program 2010

We are a group of teens who do videos and like to be together and have fun. Our video is about our first gathering at WXXI and the fun we had at the table and during the break out. Kids, have fun while it lasts.

School, Dun Dun Duuuuuun

Grace Community Village, Inc.

Austin Collyer

I like to play video games and I go to Marshalls. My video is about school.

My Day

Grace Community Village, Inc.

Jonathan Hawthorne

School: The Real Deal

Grace Community Village, Inc.

GeAaria & GeAndra Heard

We are close sisters who like to chat on Facebook with friends. We like to read and have fun with friends. Our video is about what we deal with at school. It is not what adults think. There are double standards also. Thank you WXXI, U of R, Department of Mental Health, and Grace Community Village.

Charles Nash

Grace Community Village, Inc.


I like to run track, wrestling, going to church, and I want to be a lawyer. My video is about not having sex. Thank you to my mom, Mrs. Daun, GUMC.

Child and Parent Relationships

Grace Community Village, Inc.

Matthew Roberson

I like to do stuff that amuses me like football, track, and chilling out. My video is about parent relationships. Thanks to Grace Community Village, Jesus Torres, Ms. Daun.

Society Labels

Operation Higher Learning, Inc/ Thomas P. Ryan Recreational Center

Summer Adams, Giovani Pereira, Tyrell R. Presha, Chris Green, Daniel Redic, James Hulley-Grisham, Ifeyinwa Obieke, Quran Branch

Our video is about how Anne Frank’s life resembles ours. It is about our society and how it’s giving into how we’re labeled (bad, violently). Special thanks to Mrs. Kaye, Ms. Almeta Whitis, Mrs. Robinson, Danny, James, Ivan, Chris, Giovani, Iffey, Hector, Summer.”

Ivan Deleon writes, “I want to make a nice video and I like to draw.”

Tyrell Presha writes, “My goals are to go to college and get a well paid job.”

Chris Green writes, “I’m an actor and my dream job is a football player.”

Teen Views on Abortion

Operation Higher Learning, Inc/ Thomas P. Ryan Recreational Center

Arika Brown

I am an outspoken outgoing person who loves to voice her opinion. I worked hard on my piece with very little help. My video is about what people think about abortion. Abortion can affect the health of being able to reproduce.

The Experience

Operation Higher Learning, Inc/ Thomas P. Ryan Recreational Center

Lakeiya Grimes

I am a senior at the School of Imaging Info Tech. I plan to go to St. John Fisher College and major in clinical psychology while minoring in massage therapy. My video is about parolees and how they get back into the community. It shows a healthy way to back in the community that is safe for everyone. I’d like to thank WXXI for allowing me to participate in this event also I’d like to thank everyone for coming and supporting the project.

Music is My Voice

Operation Higher Learning, Inc/ Thomas P. Ryan Recreational Center

Tashmere Lamar

I am a huge supporter of music. My video is about how music can be healthy and a way to send out messages. It relieves stress and helps connect with people from all over. If you don’t think no one can relate to your problems, all you got to do is listen.

How Will I Know (Sweet Return)

Teens Advocating Nonviolence (TAN) at Parsells Avenue Community Church

Taylor Barnes, Star McDonald, Linval McDonald, Donovan McDonald, Brianna Jones, Jermaine Smith, Atlantiaja Grant, Shantiaja Morgan, Halima Musead

Our video is about teen violence and how you affect other people’s life with violence. It may make people depressed at a point in life. Special thanks to families and friends that persevere through hard times.


The Community Place of Greater Rochester

Jessmaire Sanchez, Lancey Alexander

Our video is about teenage youth speaking out on being young parents and the sacrifice and responsibility that comes with it.

Jessmaire Sanchez writes, “We are both seniors in high school. I go to SOTA and Lancey attends Franklin. We both have goals of attending college and not allowing situations to dictate life. A shout out to the SLA program, and mommy loves you Carmen.”


Writers and Books, Inc

Erin Cullen, Julia Ortenzi, William Enders, Thomas Enders, Joe Fulmore, Lily Brunner, Hannah Tilson, Adeline Ainsworth, Angelica Eshesimua

Surprise? is a comedy about what can go wrong when planning a surprise party. It’s meant to make the audience laugh. It is also a showcase for the creativity of youth.

Room 266

Writers and Books, Inc

Erin Cullen, Julia Ortenzi, William Enders, Thomas Enders, Joe Fulmore, Lily Brunner, Hannah Tilson, Adeline Ainsworth, Angelica Eshesimua

Room 266 is a horror movie, it’s meant to scare the audience while entertaining them. It is also a showcase for the creativity of youth.

The Young People of the RCTV-15 and Writers and Books “Making Short Films” Camp writes, “ In this unique collaboration between Writers & Books and Rochester Community TV-15, young people learn how to use the visual and auditory tools of filmmaking to create short films. The goal of the “Making Short Films” camp is to get youth thinking creatively and as a team. The youth are in charge of everything; script writing, shooting, director, editing and music. Over the course of a week, the group of nine young people created two narrative movies; the movies are very different but perhaps have some things in common. A special thanks to the youth of this great camp who worked really hard to bring their vision to life.

Fostering a Better Life-Thoughts on Foster Care

Youth In Progress

Fredrico Ortiz

My name is Freddy and I’m 18 yrs old, my interest is sports and seeing young kids grow up. My goal for this event is working on changing kids’ minds about foster care. My video is about how foster care can help youth and families in the community. I hope it helps you discover a positive or negative feeling about how foster care helped families. Special thanks to Todd and all the people that helped me achieve my goals.

Breaking the Stereotype

Youth In Progress

Triana Santiago

I am a high school student. My goals in life are to become a biochemist. I really love photography and it is a hobby of mine. I am very involved in my community. I am very passionate and want to make a difference in the world. My video’s take home message is that you’re not where you come from. Don’t let anyone bring you down. I want to thank Todd and Meghan for taking time out of their lives to help us. I would to thank everyone in the film and my best friend India for all her help!

What's a Best Friend? Let's Talk About Friendship

Youth In Progress

Ashley Scott

My video is about what makes a healthy relationship. It talks about what makes a bad friend and shows how this is different from a good or best friend. I want to thank Todd and Meghan and everyone who helped me make this video.