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Raising 100,000 Voices - 2011

Meet the Film Makers

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Is it Worth Your Freedom

Charles Settlement House, Inc
Michael Pridgen and Students of Charles Settlement–- It's talking about how the youth should stop the violence. It does [relate to health] a little bit like when you get caught up in violence and you're in bad health. I'm a type of person that's a little nervous but not afraid to tell the truth on how violence isn't the answer. It’s not good and cool to do the wrong thing and not good to fight and stuff.

Phat, Phrail, or Phine

Dazzle School of Visual and Performing Arts, Inc
Victoria Arguinzoni, Maricela Comacho, Xander Haynes, Jasmyne Jackson, Talia Lott, Sharon Allen, Toni Downing, Anne Harvey, Travis Lewis – To teach young people to embrace their own beauty and feel comfortable in their own skin. Not allowing the media to dictate body images. My video relates to health in overcoming or avoiding eating disorders due to unrealistic images and peer pressure brought on by the media. We are an afterschool program of young teens and youth.
Victoria Arguinzoni writes, “I'm nice, I have a nice smile, I'm always good to kids and dogs.”
Maricela Comacho writes, “I'm a student at Dazzle.”
Xander Haynes writes, “I attend Dazzle School, enjoy visual art.”
Jasmyne Jackson writes, “A student at Dazzle School, enjoys acting, activities at Dazzle”
Talia Lott writes, “I'm seventeen years old. I like to sing, dance, roller-skate, video games, and a lot of shopping. I would like to go to college to become a massage therapist.”

Welfare War

General Elwells S. Otis School #30, RCSD
Ny'Keira Brown——Living off welfare is not enough to support a family. Get an education so you can get a job to provide for yourself and your family. Children should have food to eat and clothing to wear. Parents can't provide food, shelter, and clothing for their children or themselves if they don't have enough money. I am 12 years old. I go to school #30. I want to be a video producer when I graduate. Thank you mom for helping me with the video. Thank you Mrs. Latimer for letting me work on the project. Thank you Mrs. Hamilton for taking me to the mall to get the videotaping done.

Black is Beautiful

General Elwells S. Otis School #30, RCSD
Xavier Campbell, Mark Lee, Sharod Walker –- Blacks should value their rights they have today instead of fighting or dwelling on the past. Feeling good about yourself is important to being successful in life. Seeing the positive things can help a person feel less angry about life and less violent. I like playing. I'm 11 and I like to dance, rap, and play with my friends. I have acted in musicals at school. I'd like to thank my mom, my brothers, my friends, Mark, Sharod, and Yamielex, and Mrs. Hamilton for encouraging me to learn to make this video. Thanks to the B Boys (Black Boys) You're great!

Don't Fight: Get it Right

General Elwells S. Otis School #30, RCSD
Rexford Johnson –- Getting counseling and coping skills is the best way to stop fighting. There is hope for everyone if they just get help. Stopping violence by counseling helps protect others from being hurt physically and helps a person feel better when they can control their emotions. I am a student at school #30 and I am glad I finally able to get these messages out. A special thanks to my family who I couldn't have done this without.

Missing Dad

General Elwells S. Otis School #30, RCSD
Yamielex Mendoza, Xavier Campbell, Ny’Keira Brown –Dads who don't spend time with their children affect their child's life in a negative way. Please think about us! Not having a dad around makes kids look for love in other places. They need to feel valued and special. Without a male role model to look up t, girls don't know about how to relate to a man and boys don't know how to be a man. My age is 11. I am from Puerto Rico. I have 2 dogs. Their names are Nena and Bega. One is a girl and a boy. I have a mom and a stepfather. Yamielex Mendoza would like to thank her stepfather, Miguel, for helping her with her video and for being a dad to her. Marcus Mitchel, Xavier Campbel, and Mark Lee would like to thank WXXI for letting us learn to use technology to express our feelings about growing up.

Stay in School

General Elwells S. Otis School #30, RCSD
Marcus B. Mitchell, Mark Lee, Xavier Campbell – Stay in school so you can be what you want to be! If you stay in school, you have a better chance of getting a job so you can take care of yourself and feel successful. No one wants to be hungry or poor. I am Marcus B. Mitchell. I am 10 years old. I was born on May 18th, 2000. I like to read and do math and play video games on my PS2. I thank Xavier Campbell and Mark Lee. I also would like to thank WXXI for letting us learn technology to express our feelings about growing up.


Grace Community Village, Inc.
Matthew Cruz – To open people up to new things and meeting new people. Mental health, self esteem when it happened in my life. Well, I love to play Xbox and love to film and to edit. [My personal message is]: Don't give up.

Teens Have Talent

Grace Community Village, Inc.
Robert Delancy –- My video will be about a talent show that have kids doing things such as singing & dancing. It is the social part of a health person's body. My name  is Robert. Hi! I will like to meet the standards for the video on time. Thank you for taking the time to watch it.

Liberation of Self

Grace Community Village, Inc.
Rashaud Hinds, Derek Quinn – Liberating yourself and being yourself while you break through shells. Mentally: I'm trying to build self-esteem. Rashaud 'Kihd' Hinds who likes to express himself with art and have fun! Thanks YEPP All Day!

Thoughts on Teen Pregnancy

Grace Community Village, Inc.
Charles Nash –Before you give it up, wrap it up. Wait before you have a child. Pregnancy in teens. Abstinence can lead to lower chances to get STDs. [I am] a 9th Grader at East Ridge Senior High. I love playing sports and I have a 93.12 average. Special thanks to Y.E.P.P. and WXXI, U of R

Y.E.P.P. Ghost

Grace Community Village, Inc.
Jesus Torres, Jonathan Hawthorne—- It's about a ghost in Y.E.P.P. class. This video is mostly telling others to have fun. Mental health - positive – fun. [I am] a possible future cameraman/editor. Remember, have fun with your videos.

The Gift

Operation Higher Learning, Inc/ Thomas P. Ryan Recreational Center
Tomas Gonzalez Bell writes, “I am a quiet person who loves reading and drawing anime comics and designing fashion. I hope to start at the School of the Arts next year and study drawing because I want to be a fashion designer one day. I liked directing the video and writing parts of the script.”
Ivan DeLeon writes, “I want to show people how to be more caring. When you care about someone, you cannot do or say things that hurt them. You want to help them. I became interested in video because of my big brother Giovanni who was the cameraman for this last year. I am shy and quiet, but, I do finish whatever I put my mind to do. I like to draw, make videos, play guitar, and help people.”
Xavier DeLeon writes, “I want people to think more about sharing instead of fighting. It feels lonely when you are not understood. I think if people shared their feelings and sat down to talk things out, perhaps they would not hurt each other and everyone could be a friend. Being lonely makes you feel angry and upset. That makes life hard for everyone around you. I watched how much fun my brother Giovani had last year when he worked the camera. I played my guitar at the lunch last year. Ms. Whitis said that I could be in it this year, if I wanted to and did the work. It was fun making animation using the Xtranormal program on the computer. I like to make things with my hands, like drawing. I made a robot at one of the workshops this year. I love robots! I also like playing in the game room, playing in the gym, and outside int he playground. Most of all I like taking guitar lessons, working at the computer, and playing Wii.”
Christopher Thacker writes, “I want people to see a different way of working out differences between people without fighting or being mean. If you are constantly worried about getting jumped or hassled about things, that brings more stress into your life. It is hard enough to just live these days without worrying about getting hurt because of what someone else thinks of you, especially when they don't even really know you. They have not taken the time to be a friend. I have many interests: sports, riding my bike, reading and recently because of this project, film making. I love my family and do my best to help them out. I want to continue to get good grades in school and eventually go to college one day. For now though, I am just a fun loving kid who enjoys learning new things and likes hanging out with my friends.”

Senior Year: Success or Stress

School of Imaging and Information Technology at Edison, RCSD
Desiree Britt –- My video is about stress. This is my artistic expression through video in which I show you the stress I go through during my senior year of school. By the end of the video, you will feel as stressed as I do. Stress is a health issue as it affects the nervous system and brain mentally. It can cause depression. I'm in my senior year in high school and will be attending FLCC for criminal justice. To all the high school seniors out there, this one's for you.


School of Imaging and Information Technology at Edison, RCSD
Yesenia Rivera –- To be aware of diabetes. It's never too early to do blood work for testing diabetes. Diabetes is a medical condition. I attend the School of Imaging and Information Technology @ Edison. My major is media communication and I will be attending the Art Institute for Video Production and Media Communication. I would like to thank the support of my family and friends.

Teen Violence and Peer Pressure

School of Imaging and Information Technology at Edison, RCSD
LaAsia Tenzie -- My video is about teen violence and peer pressure, and the take home message is that it needs to end soon before it gets out of control. Violence is very dangerous and could kill people, or could hurt your body. I am LaAsia Tenzie, a senior at Edison Tech. My major here is media and I love doing it. My goal is to graduate and start college. I would like to thank Ms. Spano for helping me out the whole way.

How Depression Leads to Suicide

Rochester Stem High School of RCSD
Kherie Ernisse, Omayra Ruiz – - Don't let depression get you down. It can take you places you don't want to go. (i.e. using drugs, drinking, smoking…)

Kherie Ernisse writes, “Drinking, smoking, and cutting is bad for your health and many family or friends can get inflicted with you using substances to get away from problems. I am 14 years old, turning 15. I am also a survivor from depression and I won't say why because that's personal.”

Omayra Ruiz writes, “Depression is a health issue because sometimes it will lead to alcohol, drugs, and depression. Also, some people going through depression might not finish school.”


Female Objects/A Good Man

The Community Place of Greater Rochester, Inc. YAP/SLA
Brandon Henry, The Youth of YAP/SLA –– Our video is about how young ladies feel treated by young men and you will see an example of that treatment. The view of women being seen as objects can affect the way that they see themselves, which could be harmful to their mental health. Brandon Henry is a college freshman studying business. I have a goal of running my own business one day. I am a proud member and Group Leader of the YAP/SLA program. If we (can't) respect ourselves, then we can't expect anyone to respect us. I would like to send a special thanks to the YAP/SLA family.


The Community Place of Greater Rochester, Inc. YAP/SLA
Atiah Tat’yana Anglin, The Youth of YAP/SLA – Our video is about how having an understanding of the knowledge of self is important. It relates to health in that the knowledge of self is relative to everything else. Knowing who you are is an important step in having a healthy mind, body, and soul. Atiah Tat'yana Anglin is a college freshman studying business. I have a goal of obtaining my cosmetology license and to run my own shop. I am a proud member and former president of the YAP/SLA program. I am a true believer in the quote that says unless you change how you are, you will always have what you've got. If we don't take pride in whom we are and who we were and who we will be, then no one will. I would like to send a special thanks to my mother Tameria Terrell for always supporting me and being a mother to all that are in need of one. A shout out goes to Moe and the YAP/SLA family.

Why Abortion?

The Community Place of Greater Rochester, Inc. YAP/SLA
The view of abortions from the minds of youth. Are they right? What is our viewpoint on the topic. The effect that abortions have on the physical health of the women, and the mental effects it has on the women and the family.
Shaela Garcia writes, “I am a 17 year old high school junior at the School of the Arts. I am a proud member of the YAP/SLA program. I would like to change the world one cookie at a time Lol. I would like to send a special thanks to the co producers. A shout out goes to Moe and the YAP/SLA family.”
Marquis Pearson writes, “I am a 17 year old high school senior at the School of the Arts.”
Cameron Tyson writes, “I am a 16 year old high school junior vocal major at the School of the Arts.”

The Truth About HIV

Youth in Progress
Triana Santiago –- The take-home message is to stay safe, be educated, and make good choices [about HIV]. HIV is an epidemic and needs to be stopped. I am a senior in high school. This is my second year with the project and I enjoy it very much. I would like to thank Todd and Megan, without them I wouldn't have been able to be a part of the project.

We Are One: A Day in the Life of the Real Me

Youth in Progress
Jammie Shulenberg –-- My video is about people and their struggles in coming out. The take home message: We are all the same no matter what. My video topic relates to health by focusing on people's struggles with acceptance and self-acceptance and the effects that has on mental health. I am 17 years old. My goal is to have everyone have a better understanding and acceptance of each other. Special thanks to all that have the courage and strength to be interviewed.

100,000 Voices: Building Youth/Building Communities

Youth in Progress
Jammie Shulenberg, Triana Santiago ---- The 100,000 Voices project and how it has positively impacted the youth, mentors, and community groups that participate in the project. 100,000 Voices builds self esteem in youth. It's important to participate in projects that positively impact you, your family, your neighborhood, and your community. Special thanks to Meghan Feasel, Todd Ranous, Melissa Scarfaty, WXXI, Tauck Foundation, URMC Dept. of Psychiatry, Monroe County Department of Human Services.