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It's important to keep certain questions in mind while you are developing and crafting your film:

Who will be involved? Who is it about?
What happens? What do you need to create your film?
Do you need to travel for shooting? What will be the setting?
Why are you making this film? What do you want to share or capture?

What dates will you film? What deadlines do you have?

Script Writing

Unless you plan to improvise the lines in your film, it is a good idea to plan out what your characters are going to say.
Create an outline to help guide the dialogue
Set the scene, describe the environment and the character's thoughts and actions
Go through and trim parts that don't add to the story

Share it with friends/family to get feedback.


Share it with friends & family to get feedback. 

•It's more important to capture the actions of the story than is its to produce quality art. Stick figures and other basic drawings are common in introductory storyboards.
•You can illustrate camera movements or people walking in storyboards by drawing arrows within your storyboard.
•The storyboard should contain a basic drawing of what will happen on screen, as well as information about other relevant elements-movements, interactions (e.g dialog boxes), sounds, and location.



Interview Prep

If you will be conducting an interview for your film, be sure to prepare! 

Interview with ObamaTips
•If students are recording the interview on tape, make sure that they arrive early and leave plenty of time to get the technical elements (camera, audio, etc.) in place
•Both the interviewer and the interviewee should be seated comfortably.
•Students should come prepared with as much background information as possible so that they know the person inside and out.
•Students should ask open-ended questions that prompt the person to speak about emotions-how the person feels about something.
•Set up the camera so that the person isn't looking right into the camera. 


InterviewMan On the Street Interview Questions
A "man on the street" interview questions are quick and easy ways to gain insight on the person you are interviewing.
Click here to learn how to write a man on the street interview question.