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Community Partnership Development Award (CPDA)

The Office of Mental Health Promotion invites proposals from faculty-community teams, to pursue new collaborations that aim to improve the mental health of community populations. These proposals are intended to help us reach beyond current capabilities in serving patients, families and community members. The goal is to promote innovative, community-faculty engagement in ways that can strengthen intervention or service outcomes. For instance, a proposed innovation may be one aimed at improving effectiveness, accessibility or culturally competent care to address a community mental health objective mutually defined by community-academic partner leads.

The CPDA will provide development funds to a working group co-led by at least one faculty member of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester and one community member from outside of the University (e.g., superintendent, lawyer, social worker, religious or civic leader, etc.). The objective is to promote new research, intervention or service that addresses mutually defined community mental health needs. These community-partnered activities must have as their goal health promotion and recovery while preventing or treating illness.

The CPDA is designed to stimulate new collaborative activities that bring together Psychiatry faculty and community members from many disciplines, including but not limited to education, public policy, government, law, medicine, public health, psychology, arts and humanities. Health care providers are encouraged but not required to be members of the project team. This award will not support existing activities but can support innovative expansion (including research) of related services. A central element for review will be the inclusion of specific steps that lay out a plan to sustain the effort following the award.

Proposals that are focused on clinical program development must include an explanation of how the proposed activities will establish an infrastructure for future participatory research activities with communities, the nature of the research that will or has potential to result, and an evaluation plan to evaluate progress towards those ends.

CPDA 2013-14

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