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Project ROSE News

Our National Advisory Board met on June 13, 2014 and the study team received helpful feedback about working with enrolled patients, data collection, using similar interventions in other medical settings, and optimizing the impact of patient navigation. This meeting was a great opportunity to create an overview of the project, and discuss both the victories and challenges encountered thus far. The next NAB meeting will be in June 2015.

Our Community Advisory Board met on March 5, 2015 and had productive discussions about project progress and next steps. The next CAB meetings are set for: June 4, September 24 and December 3.

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Project ROSE PowerPoint

This presentation is a brief overview of our project. 

ROSE PowerPoint 

Reading Materials

Partner Violence and Perinatal Depression US Department of Health and Human Services

After Baby, an Unraveling: A Case Study in Maternal Mental Illness , NY Times, June 16, 2014

Thinking of Ways to Harm Her, NY Times, June 15, 2014


  • On August 4th Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed a bill designed to provide support for women facing maternal depression during pregnancy and following childbirth. The new law will provide educational services, as well as promote screening and treatment for maternal depression disorders.
  • Dark Side of the Full Moon is a feature length documentary telling the intimate story of maternal mental health complications and the complicity within the medical community to effectively screen, refer, and treat the 1.3 million mothers affected each year in the United States.

Trailer on youtube:

  • There is a new mobile app called PPD Gone