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What does ORBIT stand for?
Observational Research Behavioral Information Technology
Where is ORBIT?
The ORBIT Lab is located in the basement of the Department of Psychiatry at URMC. The ORBIT website is accessible via the URMC intranet at
How do I get to ORBIT?
To get to the ORBIT lab take the blue elevators to the basement, turn left. The lab will be on your right, room B-9114.
Who can use ORBIT?
Anyone affiliated with a project that has been approved and set up to use ORBIT may do so.
How much does it cost? How am I billed?
ORBIT is set up as a cost center. Currently, ORBIT lab and intranet usage is billed according to the number of video hours uploaded to the site. Billing can be set up per project needs, following a particular grant cycle with billing occurring monthly, quarterly, etc. At initial project setup, the ORBIT coordinator will communicate with the project grant administrator, if appropriate, to determine the billing process.
What services are included?
Initial project setup on the intranet site for all project personnel, dedicated project physical storage space in the lab, and ongoing technical support.
What can I store on ORBIT?
Projects can store audio-visual files, project documents, and project-related data and resources.
How much can I store on ORBIT? Is there a limit on users? How long will data be there?
There is no limit on the amount of data that can be stored on ORBIT. Storage can be added as needed. There is no limit on the number of users on a project. Data will be stored on ORBIT until there are no longer any active users on your project. At that point it can be transferred to your own backup disks for archiving.
Is ORBIT secure?
In order to access the ORBIT lab, project personnel must be given swipe access using their URMC ID. Access to the ORBIT intranet site is secured via an individualized username and password. All personnel using the lab or intranet site are individually screened and must be affiliated with an approved project.
Is ORBIT reliable?
Yes, data is stored and backed up on separate servers and hard drives are checked regularly for inconsistencies, ensuring that data is safe from technical malfunctions.
Can I access ORBIT offsite?
Yes. ORBIT can be accessed offsite if you log onto URMC's VPN.
Will ORBIT design coding for my video tape studies? And then do coding?
No. Coding design and actual coding of video data are not services that are currently provided. However, consulting services may be available to help a project design their coding system. In the future, there may be a cadre of experienced coders available for hire to assist with actual coding of video for various projects.
Can I store coding manuals on the site?
Yes. Projects can store coding manuals, coding sheets, and any other project documents/ resources.
Can coding be done simultaneously with tapes?
Yes, if using paper and pencil coding sheets. ORBIT does not currently support any automatic coding mechanism that “dumps” data into a data file. However, such capability is in development.
Are there ethical or legal issues in uploading patient images in ORBIT?
It is the responsibility of the project’s Principal Investigator to be sure that all necessary regulations and documents regarding the use of patient video have been followed, completed and are on file. ORBIT does not assume any responsibility for the use of patient video/images.

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