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Default Curriculum

Curriculum Setup

Curriculum Development

Use this document as a starting point to identify your needs and goals!

CTFFL Slides

CTFFL Training Slides

This slideshow will assist your staff in understanding evidence-based approaches to promoting cessation & the resources available to their patients.

Don't forget to ask

Don't Forget to Ask

This document will assist your staff in their interactions with patients & how to approach conversations.

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Tools

Utilize this document to enhance your interactions with patients that want to quit.


URMC: Referring Patients to the NY Quitline

Give your staff an overview on how to refer their patients to the NY Quitline.

what to say

URMC: What to Say to Patients

A brief overview of questions to ask & information on the NY Quitline, how it works, and their role in cessation.