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Training Modules

  1. Supporting Evidence-Based Tobacco Dependence Screening & Treatment Complete Toolkit
  2. Training Frontline Staff Guide
  3. Training Frontline Staff PowerPoint
  4. Training Counseling Staff Guide
  5. Training Counseling Staff PowerPoint
  6. Training Prescribing Clinician Guide
  7. Training Prescribing Clinicians PowerPoint
  8. Quality Improvement Staff Guide
  9. Center for Tobacco Free Finger Lakes Training Slides

Synergy II Webinar Presentations, 2/9/18

  1. e-referrals at RRH - Jim Sutton
  2. Nicotine Dependence and Treatment - Steve Novak
  3. An Update on FDA Regulations: E-Cigarettes & Vaping - Deborah Ossip
  4. Electronic Referral for Tobacco Using Patients - Scott McIntosh
  5. Talking to Patients about their Tobacco Dependence - Patty Mallaber