June, 2012


To help ensure patient safety and consistent practice, only approved and medical grade supplies can be ordered by providers or staff members for patient care use. According to hospital policy, Supply Chain Operations-Value Analysis reviews products intended for patient use. Once approved, items are assigned a PMM number and listed in the item file maintained by Corporate Purchasing. To ensure that this review has occurred for supplies not in the item file that are being requested with 312 requisitions, a change has been made to the form to include Value Analysis certification of review of patient care products. The new version of the form is now available for ordering.

Note: The change will be phased in over the summer and users are encouraged to use up their supply of the old form. The new form will be required for use by September 1st.


Frequently asked questions are below for your reference

  • What changes are going to go into effect September 1st?

    1. Only the new 312 requisitions (with the Value Analysis certification section for patient care items) will be accepted by Corporate Purchasing for hospital accounts with the exception of Clinical Engineering, Pharmacy, Clinical Labs and Food and Nutrition Services.
    2. If the box indicating the supply is intended for patient care use is checked, additionally a signature from Value Analysis must be obtained by the requestor prior to submission to Corporate Purchasing.
    3. For the applicable hospital users, forms will be considered incomplete and returned to the initiators for completion if:
          • The Value Analysis Certification section is incomplete
          • If an older version of the 312 requisition form (without the Value Analysis Certification) is submitted to Corporate Purchasing

  • What areas are required to use the Patient Care Certification section on the new 312 Requisition Form?

All hospital users, EXCEPT for Clinical Engineering, Pharmacy, Clinical Labs, and Food and Nutrition Services are required to indicate whether or not the item(s) ordered are intended to be used for patient care.

  • What is a “patient care” item?

Patient care items refers to supplies that come in contact with the patient and are utilized in performing care for the patient.

  • I am not buying a patient care item. Do I still need to check the box?

All hospital users, EXCEPT for Clinical Engineering, Pharmacy, Clinical Labs and Food and Nutrition Services, should use the new check boxes on the form to indicate whether the supply is used for patient care. For supplies not used for patient care, please check the NO box to indicate the item requested is NOT a patient care item.

  • I am buying an item that will be used for patient care and it is in PMM (the item file) and has a PMM number. Do I need to get sign off from Value Analysis?

If the PMM number appears on the 312 Requisition, Value Analysis approval signature is not necessary for processing by Corporate Purchasing. Please order using the PMM number if a PMM number has been assigned.

  • How do I Order 312 Requisition Forms?

The 312 Requisition is ordered from RR Donnelley using their Custom Point system. To register for on line ordering, refer to Select “How to Purchase”, then select Supplier On Line Ordering (SOLO). Contact Cari Allardice at 249-7710 for training.

  • What do I do with my old 312 requisition forms?

Any remaining old forms can continue to be used by non-hospital users, and by users from exempted hospital areas past the September 1st date. Additionally, the old forms can be used for interdepartmental purposes.

  • Questions regarding the changes?

Contact Strong Value Analysis at 275-9931 or Highland Value Analysis at 341-0035 with question about the Value Analysis process. For questions about PMM, please contact Purchasing Customer Service Team at 275-2002.