Incomplete Requisitions


In order to avoid delays in processing your purchase requests, please make sure the 312 requisition is completed with all required information prior to submitting it to Corporate Purchasing.

Requisitions that are incomplete (see examples below) cannot be processed and will be returned for follow up.

  • Missing checkbox for Conflict of Interest Certification

  • Missing authorized signature(s) (Note: Dean, Director or Department Head signature is required for any requisition >$50,000)

  • Missing account number and/or sub code

  • Incomplete or missing ship to information

  • The requestor and department approval fields are signed by the same person (based on University policy, the requestor cannot be the approver)

  • Capital Equipment Requisitions:

    • Capital equipment purchase (MC/SMH over $300) needs to be approved by Divisional Finance Officer. Requisitions should be sent to Finance first with appropriate Capital Requisition Data Sheet for capital expenditure account number and sub-code assignment.

    • Attach quotes for equipment orders

  • Blanket Order Requisitions:

    • Missing Not to Exceed Total, Terms Dates (Start and End Dates) and PO Number Being Replaced (if applies)

  • Orders to Computer Sales & Service should be sent directly to them: Attn: Mike Finger, RRL Rm #A23, RC Box 270353.

  • New Vendors:

If you are planning to do business with a new vendor, please keep in mind they are required to complete the University’s qualification process.

We cannot process an order to a vendor that has not completed the qualification process. It would be best to contact Purchasing to determine whether a vendor is qualified before submitting the requisition. If they have not qualified, you could assist us with expediting the process by contacting the vendor directly and advising them to go to our website and follow the instructions under Supplier Qualification.

If a requisition is received for a vendor who has not qualified, Purchasing staff must notify the vendor that they will need to qualify. Frequently, we have to send two or three notices to the vendor before they comply. This adds to the length of time it takes to process an order.

We appreciate your assistance with providing the required information so we can best meet your ordering needs and avoid processing delays.