Reminder of the following Policy and Process Change in the July 9 edition of @Rochester:


New Policy and Process in Place for Independent Contractors
In keeping with federal labor laws covering independent contractors, the University's policy and procedure for people who perform work for the University and are not classified as employees have been updated. The updates, effective July 1, are reflected in Personnel Policy/Procedure No. 122. Additional details can be found on Purchasing's website, which outlines a step-by-step process for determining the status of independent contractors. The site also includes links to forms that are required under the revised policy. Departmental administrators, in particular, are urged to familiarize themselves with the new policy and procedure.

Please Note:

Any requisitions received after 10/1/13 without the proper documentation, as communicated previously and identified on the Purchasing's website, will be returned requesting the proper documentation before they can be processed.

Thank you for your assistance and adherence to this policy change.