Thank you for your patience during the transition to Staples

Your Corporate Purchasing & Staples Advantage teams continue to work on updating your SOLO accounts so your orders can be processed as soon as all Databases are updated and complete

You will receive an email DIRECTLY from Staples with your logon information


Key information that maybe helpful when you are ordering your office supplies from STAPLES ADVANTAGE:

The U of R dedicated customer service number is 1-866-648-5909. Use this number for:

  • Assistance with cross referencing an Office Max item number to a Staples Advantage item number
  • Inquiry regarding order delivery status
  • Returns and exchanges
  • Any questions that are product or order related and need a quick answer

Staples Advantage can be accessed at Don't forget to bookmark this page for even easier access.

Our U of R account manager from Staples is:

Keven Herren

1-800-724-1480 ext. 247

If you did not receive a catalog with your first delivery:

On your next order use Item #985061 state your quantity & you will receive it in your next delivery


Please refer to the following campus communications: @Rochester and/or URMC Today during the week of March 18, for the announcement of the program

and for you to activate a link for your Employee Discount program at all Rochester area Staples stores. Detailed information on the program is provided in the announcement and all employees from the U of R, SMH, URMC, and all affiliates and subsidies are eligible! 

Please note that this coupon has a security feature permitting a user to view or print it a maximum number of times from a specific computer before receiving an error message. For this reason you are encouraged to print the coupon the first time you view it and to keep the printed coupon for repeated use. The coupon is exclusive to UR and is not transferrable. For printing difficulties please contact Julia Patillo at Staples.  Direct: 315-741-3785 or via email at:


Barbara Walker  275-8379

Laura Joanette    275-2010

Nathan Hodge   273-3512