The University of Rochester
Corporate Purchasing Department
Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policy


Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP) is the acquisition or the contracting for products and/or services that are considered to be environmentally neutral or beneficial to the environment, health and safety. The Corporate Purchasing Department will apply these principles to achieve optimal environmental standards consistent with institutional goals and financial considerations to bids and contract award activities.


The University of Rochester is committed to making our university an environmentally friendly community that is dedicated to the health of our employees, students, patients, workers, our communities, and the global environment. We envision a university that recognizes the link between our choices and health, and are working to make our vision a reality by creating an environmentally sustainable organization.


Working with members throughout the UofR organization, foster a purchasing culture where environmental considerations become an integral part of the procurement evaluation process.

General Supplier Guidelines for Measurement

Corporate Purchasing will include in all of our competitive bids sustainability criteria and specifications that will take into consideration the vendor responses before making contract awards.

  • Demonstrate a preference for products that cause the least amount of environmental harm during manufacturing, use, and disposal.
  • Partner with suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to environmental quality through their business practices.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to collaborating with distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers in designing/refining products to minimize environmental impact while maintaining quality and cost effectiveness.
  • Pursue and focus on packaging reduction.
  • Support the purchasing of recycled products with high post-consumer content, recyclable, and reusable products.

Specific Vendor Bidding Criteria

Corporate Purchasing will be using environmental criteria in its selection of suppliers. Bidders are encouraged to provide detailed information about how they have mitigated their impact on the environment, and to consider value-added services that support the University of Rochester's commitment to preserve the environment, health and safety. Corporate Purchasing recognizes that each product and service is different and has unique requirements and attributes. However, compliance to the University of Rochester?s EPP philosophy is essential.

As such, Supplier responses to our ?Request for Proposals? must address the following before a supplier selection is made:

  • Supplier must describe their internal policies, practices and procedures that mitigate environmental harm & support sustainable practices.
  • How the Supplier?s firm minimizes/prevents pollution.
  • Specify how the Supplier will be minimizing waste, including the use of returnable, refillable, reusable, recycled and biodegradable packaging.
  • How the Supplier reduces paper usage by utilizing the electronic transmission of data.