Cardinal Conversion Information

Effective June 22 2009, we will be changing Medical Surgical Distributors from Owens and Minor to Cardinal Health.  Owens and Minor will deliver their last orders on Friday, June 19.  Effective Monday, June 22, orders for medical surgical products will be sent to Cardinal Health for processing.

If you are a current PMM user, in order to prepare and implement the changes, the PMM system will be taken off-line on Friday, June 19 at Noon until Sunday, June 21 at Noon.  Please plan to implement your department downtime procedures during this time.  There are product crosswalks for the following conversions posted on the Corporate Purchasing Website to assist you with this conversion.  Most PMM item numbers will remain the same.  Some item packaging will change.  For a list of these changes, please refer to the Unit of Measure Crosswalk.  If you have questions regarding delivery or placing an order, please refer to the Cardinal Customer Service Document.

Approved Substitution Product Crosswalk
Hospira to Baxter Product Crosswalk
Medi-Choice to Cardinal Private Label Product Crosswalk
Unit of Measure Product Crosswalk
Cardinal Customer Service Document

Following is a vendor cross reference based on current ordering from Owens and Minor:

Owens and Minor – OWEN01 = Cardinal Health Valuelink  (Next day delivery)
Owens and Minor – OWEN02 = Cardinal Health Hospital Supply (> 2-day delivery)

If you need to order Non-Catalog items from Cardinal Healthcare, please order from Cardinal Health Hospital Supply.

Any questions related to this conversion and the PMM system, please contact the Purchasing IT Team listed below.

If you currently order products on-line from Owens and Minor using their OMDIRECT system, you will need to complete a SOLO registration form to be able to order on Cardinal’s on-line system  Effective June 22, 2009, you will no longer be able to order from Owens and Minor so your prompt attention to register for Cardinal On-Line ordering is imperative so as to not disrupt ordering for your department.  Upon completion and submission of your SOLO registration form, you will be provided with access and training information from Cardinal Health.

If you currently have custom order lists with the OMDIRECT system and have not been otherwise contacted by Therese Allen. Please make contact with Therese Allen at so she can coordinate your setup in the Cardinal.Com system.

If you currently have blanket orders setup with Owens and Minor, they will be cancelled effective June 30, 2009.  We encourage you to order on-line on and complete a SOLO registration form

If you have any questions regarding this conversion, please direct them to the following

Corporate Purchasing Staff & Go Live Contacts:

  • Larry Havens, Sr. Purchasing Manager 275-3177
  • Carol Rowland, Purchasing Manager 275-2021
  • Therese Allen, Purchasing Manager 276-4339
  • Debbie Flotteron, Asst Director 275-2009
  • Karen Kelly, IT Manager (PMM Questions) 275-8916
  • Pam Janson, Purchasing Assistant (SOLO Registration Forms and related questions) 275-2010
  • Mary Landers, Purchasing Assistant (Blanket order related questions) 275-0652