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Air Conditioners
Alarm Systems
Analyzers, Chemistry, Blood, Gas, etc.
Anesthesia Equipment
Animals & Feed
Animals (experimental)
Appliances, Household
Appliances, Laboratory
Art & Craft Supplies
Art Work/Picture Framing
Asbestos Removal
Athletic Equipment
Athletic Supplies & Uniforms
ATM Placement Agreements
Audio Visual Equipment, TVs
Audio Visual Supplies
Automobile Rentals
Automobiles (purchase, lease, parts & service)
Awards, Gifts, Promotional Items


Batteries, Industrial/Automotive/Disposal
Batteries, Supply
Bed, Dormitory
Bed, Hospital
Biological Supplies
Blood Collection
Blood Products
Blood Tubes & Supplies
Blood Warmers
Book Binding
Bookstore Contracts
Building Supplies
Bulbs & Lighting
Bulletin Boards, Office
Burn Garments
Business Cards
Business Reporting


Cabinet, Lab
Cabinet, Office
Cable, Electrical, Data Comm.
Cage, Animal
Camera, Digital
Camera, Medical
Car Rentals
Cardiology Equipment
Carpet/Floor Covering
Carrels, Library Furniture
Carts, Emergency, Medical Supply, etc
Carts, Material Handling, Mail, Housekeeping
Cash Registers
Central Utility and Facilities Supplies
Chair, Office
Chair, Patient Room
Chemicals, Laboratory
Classroom/Teaching Supplies
Cleaning/Janitorial Supplies
Clinical Lab Equipment
Clocks, Time
Clothing, Uniforms, Protective Wear
Coffee Carts & Other Food Services
Coffee/Water Service
Cogeneration Project
Communication Equipment
Computer Sales Agreements
Computer, Hardware, Peripherals
Computer, Software
Computer, Supplies (including paper)
Conference Arrangement
Conferencing Services (click here for additional information)
Construction Project Agreements
Construction/Renovation Services
Contracted Services: Art Restoration & Conservation
Contracted Services: Audio-Video
Contracted Services: Building
Contracted Services: Cable Television
Contracted Services: Computer Analysts
Contracted Services: Data Communication
Contracted Services: Data Conversion
Contracted Services: Data Processors
Contracted Services: Dental
Contracted Services: Electricians
Contracted Services: Energy Delivery
Contracted Services: Facilities
Contracted Services: Graphic Artists
Contracted Services: Housekeeping
Contracted Services: Lab Testing
Contracted Services: Mail
Contracted Services: Marketing
Contracted Services: Medical
Contracted Services: Music & Theatrical
Contracted Services: Photographers
Contracted Services: Plumbers
Contracted Services: Publishing
Contracted Services: Security Services
Contracted Services: Shipping
Contracted Services: Storage
Contracted Services: Storage Offsite
Contracted Services: Telecommunication
Contracted Services: Temporary Staffing
Contracted Services: Transcription
Contracted Services: Translation
Contracted Services: Utility
Contracted Services: Waste Disposal & Recycling
Copier, Supplies (Paper, Toner, etc.)


Data Communication Equipment
Data Processing Supplies
Defibrillators/Monitor, External
Dental Equipment
Dialysis Equipment
Dictating Equipment
Dining Service Contracts
Display Cases
Disposal Services
Dollies & Hand Trucks
Doors, Automatic
Drugs, Pharmaceuticals
Dry Ice
Duplicating Supplies


Electric Supply Contracts
Electrical Supplies
Electrocardiography Equipment
Electrosurgical, Equipment
Elevator Service
Environmental Health Services
Equipment, Maintenance Service Contracts - Medical & Lab
Equipment, Maintenance Service Contracts - Other
Equipment, Medical


Facilities Supplies
Fax Machines
Film Processing
Fire Extinguisher/Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Fixed Halon System
Flags, Banners
Floor Coverings
Flowers & Plants Service
Food Service Equipment
Forms/Labels, Printed
Fuel, all kinds


Gases, Medical
Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene
Glass & Window Glass Cleaning
Glass Dinnerware


Hardware, Tools, Ladders
Hazardous Waste
Hospital Equipment
Housekeeping Supplies
HVAC Equipment


Ice Machines
Independent Contractors
Instruments, Surgical


Janitorial/Housekeeping Service


Kitchen Supplies, Food Services


Lab Coats
Labels, Stock & Custom
Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Supplies, Clinical Labs
Laboratory Supplies, Research
Lamps, Projection Lamps, Light Bulbs, Desk Lamps
Lasers, Research
Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Laundry, Vending
Lawn Mowers
Leases, Equipment (medical)
Lift, Patient
Lighting/bulbs (incandescent & fluorescent)
Lights, Surgical
Linen, Medical Disposable
Linen, Non-Medical
Linen, Surgical Disposables
Lumber/Metal/Industrial Supplies


Mail Services
Mailing Equipment
Manikin, anatomical
Material Handling Equipment, Forklifts, Dollies
Mattress, Hospital
Mattress, other than Hospital
Media, Culture
Medical Equipment
Medical Imaging Equipment, Angiography Rooms
Medical Imaging Equipment, C-Arms
Medical Imaging Equipment, CT Scanners
Medical Imaging Equipment, Cath Labs
Medical Imaging Equipment, Flouroscopy Equipment
Medical Imaging Equipment, Linear Accelerators
Medical Imaging Equipment, Mammography Systems
Medical Imaging Equipment, MRI -Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Medical Imaging Equipment, PET Scanners
Medical Imaging Equipment, Ultrasound
Medical Supplies, 2nd Floor OR
Medical Supplies, Anesthesia
Medical Supplies, Angiography/OR
Medical Supplies, Angiography/Rad
Medical Supplies, Cardiology
Medical Supplies, Clinical Lab
Medical Supplies, Dentistry (Eastman & Clinical)
Medical Supplies, Dialysis
Medical Supplies, Digestive Diseases
Medical Supplies, Emergency
Medical Supplies, ENT
Medical Supplies, General
Medical Supplies, GI
Medical Supplies, Hand Rehabilitation Unit
Medical Supplies, Hospital
Medical Supplies, IV Solutions & Sets
Medical Supplies, Neurology
Medical Supplies, OB/GYN
Medical Supplies, Occupational Therapy
Medical Supplies, OPD
Medical Supplies, Opthalmology
Medical Supplies, Optical
Medical Supplies, OR (SMH & Highland Hospital)
Medical Supplies, Orthopaedic Devices, SMH & Highland
Medical Supplies, Orthopaedic Devices, Offsites
Medical Supplies, Orthotic Lab
Medical Supplies, Outpatient Areas of Medicine
Medical Supplies, PACU
Medical Supplies, Patient Units
Medical Supplies, Perfusion
Medical Supplies, Pharmacy (SMH & Highland Hospital)
Medical Supplies, Physical Therapy
Medical Supplies, Radiology
Medical Supplies, Rehabilitation
Medical Supplies, Respiratory
Medical Supplies, Specialty
Medical Supplies, Sports Medicine
Medical Supplies, Sterile Supply
Medical Supplies, Stores
Medical Supplies, Urology
Microfilm & Microfiche Equipment
Microscope, Research/Teaching
Microscope, Surgical/Medical
Monitoring Systems, Medical
Monitors, Patient Physiologic
Moving Services
Musical Instruments


Narcotic Cabinets
Natural Gas
NEC Phone Switch Agreement
Novelties, Premiums, Awards
Nuclear/Hazardous Waste


Occlusion Devices
Office Equipment
Office Supplies
Oil, Diesel #2
Operating Room Instruments and Supplies


Paper Disposables (cups, etc.)
Paper, Art
Periodicals, Publications
Photographic Equipment, Medical
Photographic Equipment, Other
Photographic Film Processing
Photographic Supplies
Physical Therapy Equipment
Plastic Bags & Liners
Plastic Sheeting & Tubing
Plumbing Supplies
Pool Supplies
Portable Toilet Rentals
Postage Meters
Primary Care Projects
Printed Material, Custom
Printing Equipment
Printing (Commercial)
Processors, Medical X-Ray Film
Professional Services
Project Management
Protective Clothing
Pumps, Industrial
Pumps, Medical



Radio Equipment
Radio Pharmaceuticals
Radiology Equipment
Refrigerators & Freezers (Laboratory)
Rehabilitation, Equipment
Rentals, Equipment, Medical
Rentals, Equipment, non-medical
Research Equipment
Research Lab Supplies
Rubber Stamps


Safety Glasses, Prescription
Safety Supplies (Safety Glasses)
Scaffolds (rentals)
Scales, Medical
Scientific Equipment
Scientific Supplies
Security Systems
Service Agreements - All Medical Equipment
Service Contracts: Data Processors
Service Contracts: Programmers
Service Contracts: Telephone Answering Services
Service Contracts: Software Analysts
Shelving & Storage (office)
Shoes, Boots
Shower Curtains
Silver Recovery
Smilemobiles Electrical Certification
Snow Removal Service
Software, Enterprise
Sound Equipment
Sports Medicine Equipment
Stationery (including custom printed)
Sterilizers, All types
Suction Equipment
Supplies, Dental
Supplies, EKG
Supplies, Electrosurgical
Supplies, Radioactive
Supplies, Renal Inpatient
Supplies, Sterilization
Supplies, Surgical


Tables, Exam/Surgical
Tags (printed)
Telecommunications, Telephone/Data Communications Equipment
Telecommunications Supplies
Telecommunications, Services/Software
Telephone Recording Equipment
Televisions (non-Hospital)
Televisions, Hospital
Tent Rentals
Testing Equipment & Services (Laboratory)
Testing Equipment, Medical
Testing Materials (psychological & academic)
Tools, Hand & Power
Towing Services
Trophies & Plaques
Typesetting Service


Ultrasound Machines, Diagnostic
Uniforms - Athletic & Work
Utensils, Kitchen


Vacuum Cleaners
Vending, Food & Beverage
Vending, Laundry


Waste Disposal Services, Solid, Regulated Medical Wste, Recycling
Water Coolers
Water, Distilled Spring, & Bottled
Water Purification Systems
Water Softeners - Facilities
Welding Services
Window Treatments
Wire & Cable
Wound Care Products


X-Ray Equipment
X-Ray Film (Dental)
X-Ray Film (Medical)