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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check on the status of an order/requisition?
Call Customer Service at 275-2002.
Where do I obtain SMH 312 requisition forms?
The 312 Requisition is ordered from RR Donnelley using their Custom Point system. To register for on line ordering, refer to our Supplier On-Line Ordering (SOLO) Program. Contact Cari Allardice 249-7710 for training.
How can I tell who in Purchasing and Supply Chain handles which purchases?
Purchasing and Supply Chain is structured by the following commodity teams:
  • Customer Service – x5-2002
  • Capital Equipment/Maintenance – x5-5543
  • Supplies (non-Medical) – x5-2010
  • Supplies (Medical) – x5-0652
  • Software & Services – x3-4465

Commodity information can be found on our Commodity List.

Who are the recommended suppliers?
The Purchasing and Supply Chain contract site contains a list of contract/system agreements. The commodity list will direct you to the Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager for a specific commodity.
Why can't I order from the supplier I want? I know I can get better pricing on my orders.
Contracts are competitively negotiated based on total University volume to get the deepest discount and the best overall value. It's true that on an individual basis you may obtain a better price on a particular item, but purchasing from a supplier based on the price of one item erodes the power of our volume leverage. We ask our customers to honor the contracts and provide our staff with information regarding price or service that will help us negotiate a better contract in the future.
Can I use a purchase order to pay a University employee for consulting services outside of that employee's normal responsibility?
No. Federal tax laws require that an employer withhold all appropriate federal and state income and social security taxes for payments to their employees. Purchase orders for contractors and consultants can only be established when the service provider satisfies the IRS's definition of an independent contractor. An individual cannot qualify as an independent contractor for an organization that employs him or her. There are significant financial penalties for an organization that does not comply with these federal guidelines.
Why does Purchasing and Supply Chain require so much insurance for small jobs or work not on our properties?
The University's Office of Risk Management and Office of Counsel set insurance requirements. Those limits are set to protect the financial assets of the University from any potential harmful actions of a service provider. The financial risk the actions of a supplier may cause the University could be significant, regardless of the price of their service. The Office of Risk Management must approve any reduction in the required insurance amounts for a specific task or supplier.
How can I check on the status of an invoice?
Call Accounts Payable at (585) 275-3483.
How do I apply for on-line ordering?
  • Airgas – cylinder gases: Contact Sean Phillips, 330-2676, for training
  • Brewer & Newell: Contact Stan Phillips, 585-235-7670, for training
  • Fisher Scientific – lab supplies: Contact Drew Serour, 820-2075 for training
  • Krackeler Scientific – Contact Michele Alphonse 585-203-4536 for training, or 1-800-334-7725 for ordering
  • Medline - medical supplies- Contact Dave Rolston, 847-643-4779 for training
  • PSS – medical supplies for Primary Care offices: Contact Jim MacKenzie, 223-6050
  • Promega Freezer Program: Contact Dave Allen, 303-2128
  • Roche Freezer Program : Contact Yasmine Tebha, 917-224-2133
  • RR Donnelley – forms and labels: Contact Cari Allardice, 249-7710, for training
  • Sigma – Aldrich: Contact Michele Karraker, (800) 521-8956, x1574
  • StaplesContact Keven Herren, (800) 724-1480 x427, or Julie Patillo (315) 741-3785 for training

To register for on line ordering, refer to Supplier On-Line Ordering (SOLO).

What information do I need when calling the customer service line to obtain the status of my requisition?
To assist our customer service staff in determining the status of your requisition, please provide as much of the following information as possible:
  • Requisition Number
  • Vendor Name
  • Item Description
  • Total Dollars
  • Account Number
  • Purchase Order number (if you are amending the order)