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General Purchasing Information

Purchasing Authority

The authority to sign contracts, purchase orders, agreements, letters of intent, etc. that obligate funds of the University of Rochester or Strong Health is limited to Officers of the University or Strong Health entity, the Associate Vice President for Purchasing and Supply Chain, and their designees. Required approvals and associated dollar limits for authorizing University contracts and purchase orders are outlined in the Policy on Contracts, Signatures and Financial Authority,dated October 6, 2010.

Sound Practices

All purchases/contracts made with University of Rochester (UR) or Strong Health funds should be done utilizing sound purchasing practices while affording maximum practicable opportunities for small businesses. To assure that the UR receives best value the following guidelines shall apply:

  • Honor Our Contracts
    UR standards and contracts will be utilized whenever possible. However, Purchasing and Supply Chain may request competitive pricing if deemed appropriate or when a single order for standard/contracted product will exceed $50,000.
  • Estimate of Fair Market Price
    When no standard or contract exists, purchases over $1,000 require an estimate of fair price and realistic delivery. Price quotations should be obtained from multiple approved suppliers and documented. Lists of UR Registered Suppliers and UR Small Business Suppliers are located in Helpful Links on the Purchasing and Supply Chain home page.
  • Obtaining Bids or Proposals
    Departments who wish to obtain their own proposals from suppliers may do so within acceptable University Bid Procedures.
  • Justification
    Purchasing and Supply Chain requires a completed Supplier/Price Justification and Conflict Information Form (SPJCI) for federal and non-federal purchases >= $25,000 (Complete and attach the SPJCI form to requisitions). Purchasing and Supply Chain reserves the right to request a SPJCI form for purchases < $25,000 when the purchase involves a Sole Source, Selected Source or where the low bid is not selected.

    Note: Departments are responsible for documentation, justification (SPJCI Form) and record retention for all purchases in accordance with federally sponsored funding requirements.