Purchasing Card Frequently Asked Questions

What is a P Card?

The Purchasing Card (a/k/a "P-Card") is a UR Visa credit card designated for low dollar purchases and one-time equipment repairs ($1,500 or less) which were previously processed using petty cash or Request for Payment. For detailed information see Purchasing Card Program.

How can I obtain a P Card?

Download and complete the Purchasing Card Program Authorization and Application Forms found at Purchasing Card Forms.

Completed forms should be forwarded to:
Corporate Purchasing,
44 Celebration Drive, RC Box 278901
Attn: Nathan Hodge, P Card Administrator

How would the Department Manage P-Card Transactions?

The bank provides an Internet Application called Access Online. This application allows the department to view, approve and reallocate charges to single or multiple account numbers. It also provides management reporting tools.

Will a P Card affect my personal credit?

No. Obtaining a UR Purchasing Card will not access or impact your personal credit history. Your credit will not be checked when applying for the P Card. Personal information requested on the application form is used by the bank for identification purposes when you activate your card for the first time.

Can I use the card to make internet purchases?

Yes, with the use of known, secure websites. When the web address begins with "https" rather than "http", a padlock appears at the bottom of the browser window. This indicates that the website and the user information provided therein are protected by SSL (Secured Sockets Layer).

What do I use as a billing address for Pcard purchases?

44 Celebration Drive

Attn: Nathan Hodge

Rochester, NY  14620-4040

Can I use the P Card for travel?

No. An American Express Corporate Card or personal credit card should be used for travel. Reimbursement would be obtained through travel and conference procedures.

Can my monthly spending limit be increased?

Yes. While the transaction limit of $1,500 cannot be increased, requests for changes to the monthly spending limit can be changed via an email from the Dean, Director or Department Head to the P Card Administrator (Nathan Hodge). Increases can be set up as temporary (for the current month or specific period of time), or indefinitely.

Can a P Card transaction be stopped?

No. Once the charge is made, your credit card is billed. If need be, the cardholder would contact the merchant to obtain a credit to be processed through the card. Transactions can, however, be disputed.

Can another employee in my department use my P Card?

UR Purchasing cards have the cardholder name inscribed on them and that person is responsible for assuring that any purchases made with the card are appropriate and fall within University policy. Lending the card does not relieve the cardholder from that responsibility and may waive the cardholder's right to dispute charges for those transactions. Therefore lending the card is prohibited.

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