PMM Requisitioning Guidelines


PMM REQUISITIONING may be used to purchase the following


  • Consumable Materials and Supplies
  • Minor Equipment & Furnishings
  • One-Time Repairs

PMM REQUISITIONING may not be used to purchase the following for which a 312 requisition must be completed and submitted to Corporate Purchasing:

  • Rental, leased or demonstration Equipment
  • Purchases involving trade-in or exchange or where University of Rochester committed funds or liabilities are beyond the value of the transaction
  • Capital equipment (i.e. with a 2 + year useful life and unit cost greater than) $1,000 SMH and University of Rochester or $500 for HH.
  • Consultants/Independent Contractors, Maintenance, Moving & Storage,
  • Transportation, any Service Agreements.
  • Software and Software Maintenance

Any commodity currently allowed under Request for Payment Guidelines cannot be ordered through PMM REQUISITIONING.

  • Food and Beverages
  • Subscriptions

The following Commodities cannot be purchased through PMM REQUISITIONING due to Regulatory or Legal constraints:

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Gases, Fuels
  • Radioactive Isotopes
  • Pharmaceuticals & Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Live Animals
  • Hiring or advertising to hire personnel

Following are PMM REQUISITIONING Supplier Restrictions:

  • Retail suppliers that cannot accept Purchase Orders
  • Non-Reputable organizations that have been identified by the University of Rochester for their failure to perform.
  • Suppliers whose financial status may not make them viable to perform.
  • Suppliers with Non-U.S. addresses.

Due to University of Rochester Contract Agreements, the following commodities must be purchased from the suppliers listed.


  • Books & Publications (Barnes & Noble)
  • Cylinder Gases (Airgas)
  • Forms (RR Donnelley)
  • Medical Supplies (Medline)
  • Office Supplies (Staples)
  • Research Lab Supplies (Fisher Scientific)
  • Stationery (Dupli)

Failure to comply with the guidelines as stated above can result in removal of access from PMM.  The first violation will serve as a warning.  After the second violation, user rights will be removed from PMM.

How Do I Get On-Line with PMM Requisitioning?

Contact Amy Streb (275-7784) and complete the form listed below.


PMM Add User Request Form

PMM Change User Request Form