Radioactive Materials

ALL RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS MUST BE ORDERED THROUGH THE RADIATION SAFETY UNIT. This is necessary to insure that radioactive goods are transported under appropriate licenses, that they are monitored and tracked correctly, and that they are obtained for a specific permitted use.

How To

Before an end user can acquire radioactive materials, he/she must complete appropriate training, pass the required exam, and apply for a dosimeter using the 5C form available on Radiation Safety's intranet site. This training is conducted by the Radiation Safety Unit. This course deals with the proper handling, storing and use of the subject materials.

A 312 Requisition Form is necessary to obtain radioactive materials through the Radiation Safety Unit. The information required includes name of supplier, room to which the permit material will be delivered, catalog number, quantity (# of isotopes needed), measure (amount of millicuries needed), complete description of material, name of end user (listed under "Requested by…"), department, phone number, box number, signature of permit holder (or assigned approver), printed name of permit holder, and an account number to charge.

Requisitions must be submitted to the Radiation Safety Unit by 2 PM, Monday-Friday. Shipping schedules for free shipping days, as well as more detailed information on radioactive materials may be found (login required for out of network users).