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312 Requisition

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The basic document used to initiate a purchase of goods or services for the University. The 312 Requisition is not a Purchase Order. The 312 Requisition may be used to request the purchase or products or services through Corporate Purchasing. It may also request materials or services from other University departments and to authorize the interdepartmental charges thereof.

When To Use It

The 312 Requisition is used for any of the following purchases:

  • Equipment lease, rental, demonstration or loan
  • Services - maintenance or repair of laboratory or office equipment over $1,000
  • Furniture and furnishings - over $10,000 (not-to-exceed total). Furniture and furnishings under $10,000 can be obtained by completing the 312 Requisition
  • Purchases which entail installation, customized items or other service
  • Purchase involving a trade-in
  • Independent contractor or consultant services
  • Purchase of goods or services under $1,500 that are not allowable with a P Card
  • To obtain goods from the UR bookstores. Note: submit the requisition directly to the bookstore

When Not To Use It

The 312 Requisition is not needed for any of the following purchases:

  • Purchases against an existing Systems Contract
  • Materials and supplies totaling less than $1,500 that may be purchased using a P Card
  • Building maintenance services—Use a UR Work Order directed to River Campus Physical Plant, Medical Center Engineering, or Eastman School Physical Plant as appropriate
  • Purchases against an existing Standing Order
  • Installations or moving of equipment or furniture done by UR Physical Plant
  • Business Cards and Stationery—Order on line from Dupli. Register to order on line using the Supplier On Line Ordering (SOLO) Registration form. Contact Matthew Oliver (315-234-7246) at Dupli for training.
  • Subscriptions and Journals—Use a Request for Payment form
  • Reprints—Use a Request for Payment form, or place order using 312 Requisition with UR Bookstore ($25 service charge will apply)
  • Travel Services—Contact the UR contracted Travel Agency; use credit card or Request for Advanced Travel form

Where to Obtain Blank 312 Requisition Forms

The 312 Requisition forms are available from our Systems Contract forms supplier RR Donnelley at 249-7710 and are ordered on their Custom Point website. Register to order on line using the Supplier On Line Ordering (SOLO) Registration form Contact Cari Allardice (249-7710) at RR Donnelley for training.

How to fill out a 312 Requisition

Instructions for completing the form are listed below. View or print the 312 Requisition form to follow as a guideline.

Number Field Heading Required Information
1 Ship To Dept Enter your Department Name and relative Shipping Information
2 Ship To Code No longer on form
3 Vendor Indicate suggested vendor or leave blank. If it is essential that the materials/services be furnished from a particular vendor, state the reason in a separate memorandum of justification attached to this form.
4 Project Number Enter project number, if any
5 PMM Item# Enter PMM Item # if applicable
6 Vendor Catalog# Enter vendor catalog or manufacturer number, if known
7 Qty Indicate the number required of each item
8 Unit of Measure Enter Unit of Measure (see Unit of Measure Chart)
9 Description Give complete information in this sequence; name of item, descriptive details, and any special features. Example: "File cabinet, steel, size 38" wide x 72" high, with lock". Attach a specification sheet or quote. Indicate special handling, shipping or delivery instructions (e.g., "ship via air").
10 Unit Cost If verified with vendor, give the unit price. (In description area, identify name of person quoting price, and total of each item in the applicable columns. If the exact cost is unknown, leave the unit cost column blank and supply an estimated total cost on the form.
11 Total Extend the Unit Cost for each line item
12 Required Delivery Date Enter the date by which the item(s) must be received
13 Not to Exceed Total Enter the total dollars for all items
14 Requested By Section Enter the requisitioner's name, department, phone and intramural address. This information defines where the department's purchase order will be sent
15 Authorized Signatures

Must be signed by the individual or department head authorized to charge the account specified. The approver must not be the same person as the requester. The appropriate Dean or Director should countersign requisitions over $50,000 before submission to Corporate Purchasing. Approvals:

  • SMH APPROVAL—All purchase requisitions for capital equipment over $1,000 charged to SMH capital account must be approved by SMH Finance, Box 612.
  • HIGHLAND APPROVAL—All purchase requisitions for capital equipment (including furniture and computers) over $500 must be submitted to Highland Hospital Finance by the department administrator.
  • DEAN OR DIRECTOR APPROVAL—Purchases totaling more than $50,000 require approval of the appropriate Dean, Director or designee.
16 Account Number Includes Company, FAO and Spend Category. . If more than one account number must be used, show percentages after each account number . A Highland account number must be assigned by the requisitioner. Highland Finance Department will assign account numbers on capital requisitions. With respect to Medical Center and SMH, all divisions are required to charge major capital purchases to subsidiary Project ledger OP 7's according to University guidelines. This excludes capital funded by grants. This has been deemed necessary to insure proper capitalization of assets and maximum recovery of indirect costs. (See Finance website)

Submitting the 312 Requisition

Forward the blue copy to the appropriate University department (i.e. Purchasing), and retain yellow copy for your files.

Corporate Purchasing will reference the requisition number on the Purchase Order. A copy will be sent to the individual in the Requested By section. If there are any problems regarding delivery, quantity, or material or services received, call the Corporate Purchasing Manager whose name appears on the purchase order.

Timely Receipt of Requisitions #312 - Fiscal Year/Grant Period Closings

It is imperative that Corporate Purchasing be given enough lead time (preferably four weeks prior o the expiration of the associated fiscal period) to process your requisition and make a contractual commitment before the end of the related fiscal period. If formal bidding is required, additional lead-time should be allowed. Please note that even though the contractual commitment is made by the end of a fiscal period does not guarantee that the funds will be charged against the account in that particular period. If funds need to be moved from one budget year to another, you should contact the appropriate Finance/Budget Department to discuss your needs.

Purchases made by 312 Requisition in the Barnes & Noble bookstores will appear on your next month's ledger.

For More Information on Corporate Purchasing Call: 275-2002