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Supplier On-Line Ordering Program (SOLO)

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Definitions
  3. Registration
  4. Order Limits
  5. Cost Allocation
  6. User Responsibilities
  7. SOLO Manager Responsibilities
  8. Placing a SOLO Order with Authorized Suppliers
  9. Returning Purchases
  10. Abuse of SOLO Policy
  11. Removal or Change of SOLO Users or Account Numbers


The University of Rochester Supplier On-Line Ordering Process, hereafter referred to as SOLO, is a valuable Internet tool for quickly and efficiently ordering Corporate Purchasing contracted products from selected suppliers on the Supplier's secure web sites. Each site is customized with the University's discount contract pricing, rebates, messages and periodic special discounts. This tool can be advantageous to the individual purchaser, the purchaser's Department, the University, and the Suppliers.

The purpose of this document is to provide instructions for the initiation and use of the SOLO programs. This purchasing method will be in addition to the 312 Requisition and the Purchasing Card.

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  • Blocking: Products, manufacturers or categories not allowed to be purchased from a particular Supplier.
  • Department Head: VP, Dean, Director, or Department Head with budget authority for the Department, and SOLO Manager selection.
  • SOLO Managers: Department representatives responsible for facilitating the SOLO Program within their Departments. Person who is responsible for approving the Users to order on-line. Manager may elect to approve orders as they are submitted.
  • SOLO Help: Point of contact to assist with questions/concerns.
  • SOLO Administrator: Corporate Purchasing representative responsible for supplier relationships and processes for the SOLO program.
  • User: Employee who has been authorized to purchase on-line.

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The purpose of registering for on-line ordering is to obtain the University pricing and sales tax exemption.

  • Form: Complete Registration Form, have it signed by the SOLO Manager and Department Head and fax to Corporate Purchasing at 273-1241. The registration information will be entered into a centralized database.
  • Authorization: SOLO Manager's approval is required for a User to register to order on line. An option can also be made for the SOLO Manager to approve each order before it is submitted to the Supplier.

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Order Limits

  • The SOLO Manager or Department Head will select an order limit (not to exceed $1,000) for each User that will be noted on the Registration Form at the time of account set-up.
  • Specific products, item types or manufacturers may be blocked from a specific Supplier site. This is customized for the University in agreement with the Supplier contract; for example, Invitrogen is blocked on the VWR site.
  • Capital Equipment is not to be ordered on-line for any supplier. Customer must submit a 312 Requisition.
  • In addition to the limits that are controlled at the point of sale, University of Rochester limits the use of SOLO through policy. SOLO may be used only for purchases that are made under delegated authority by each Department.

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Cost Allocation

Each User will designate an account number to be charged for their SOLO purchases as identified by the Department Head on the Registration Form at the time of the account set up. The SOLO Manager will receive an invoice for each billing period for their specified account numbers. Billing periods will vary based on Supplier. The Registration Form can also be used to change or delete account numbers.

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User Responsibilities

When accepting SOLO authorization, the User becomes an authorized purchaser for the University with specific responsibilities for expending University funds as follows.

Protection of ID and Password

  • User must protect the security of his/her SOLO User ID and Password and keep it private.
  • User must notify Solo Manager immediately when security has been violated and must confirm notification in writing to the Department Head. SOLO Manager has the responsibility of communicating information to SOLO Administrator and Supplier.

User Limitations

  • User must not make SOLO purchases for non-designated account numbers, friends or relatives or where User has a financial interest. Refer to University's Conflict of Interest policy:
  • User accepts responsibility to ensure that items prohibited from purchase with SOLO are not purchased.
  • Gifts or gratuities, from any source when it is offered, or appears to be offered, to influence decision-making regarding SOLO purchases, will be governed by the University of Rochester's Conflict of Interest policy.

Maintaining Documentation

  • Complete documentation and retention of orders placed using the SOLO process shall be the responsibility of the ordering department.
  • Documentation shall include, at a minimum, order confirmations, packing slips/proof of receipt, return authorizations, etc.

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Solo Manager Responsibilities

  • Facilitate the reconciliation and approval process.
  • Track departmental purchases
  • Provide the backup to authorized individuals (i.e., auditors) upon request.
  • Complete periodic surveys to rate the effectiveness of the SOLO process and associated controls
  • Suggest areas for improvement.
  • Maintain compliance with sponsored project requirements, as applicable.

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Placing a SOLO Order with Authorized Suppliers

The SOLO process should be utilized for Web ordering from the following authorized contracted suppliers only.

Authorized SOLO Suppliers

  • Airgas
  • Dupli
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Johnston
  • Krackeler Scientific
  • Laboratory Product Sales
  • Medline
  • Promega Freezer Program
  • Roche Freezer Program
  • RR Donnelley
  • Sigma - Aldrich
  • Staples
  • VWR
  • WB Mason

All other Web Purchases require the use of a valid UR Purchase Order Number or Purchasing Card number.

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Decision to Buy

When making the decision to buy, the employee should ensure the transaction is appropriate and in accordance with University and sponsor guidelines, including SOLO program.

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Creating Purchase Orders

  • Log on to the Supplier web site and enter your ID and Password.
  • Your UR 10 digit account number is used in place of a Purchase Order Number.
  • Select the goods or services, enter the quantity for each and put in the shopping cart.
  • Review pricing including any shipping and handling charges, if applicable.
  • Review the order for accuracy.
  • Provide any detailed shipping instructions if required.
  • Print and retain a copy of your order until you receive a confirmation copy by email.
  • Print and retain confirmation copy.

Upon receipt of items:

  • Verify that items received are as ordered and retain a copy of the shipping document.
  • Verify that ledger charges agree with order and receipts.
  • Follow SOLO transaction/documentation retention process established in the Department.

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Returning Purchases

  • If the material is defective or incorrect, notify the Supplier by phone or email that the item needs to be returned. Request from them a "ship to" address and a return authorization number.
  • Request that the Supplier process a credit transaction on the next invoice.
  • Verify that the credit appears on the next monthly statement.

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Abuse of SOLO Policy

Abuse of the SOLO policy will result in termination of on-line ordering capability.

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Removal or Change of Users or Account Number

Upon termination or transfer, the SOLO Department Manager must remove the User by notifying Purchasing via email If the User is changing their name, or moving to a new department, the User must complete the Registration form selecting the "Edit" line for each Supplier for which they registered. Complete the Registration Form, and fax to Corporate Purchasing at 273-1241. The same process is used to change the account number for a User. Purchasing will email the Registration form to the appropriate Supplier to remove the person's account.

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