Information for Suppliers

Table of Contents

Location and Organization of Corporate Purchasing
Directions and Parking
Small Business Supplier Diversity and Equal Opportunity Statement
Purchase Order Requirements
Shipping and Delivery Instructions
Tax-exempt status
Bid Procedure
Hazard Communication Statement
Conflict of Interest
Grievance Procedure
Demonstration of Equipment/Samples
Product Endorsements
Use of University Space for Demonstrations
Gifts to Individuals not Acceptable
Donations do not Influence Decisions
Access to University Offices and Departments

Location and Organization of Purchasing and Supply Chain

The University of Rochester's Purchasing and Supply Chain offices are located at 44 Celebration Drive, Suite 2.200, RC Box 278901 Rochester, NY 14620-2664. The central phone number is (585) 275-2002. The FAX number is (585) 273-1241. The office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (except University holidays). Suppliers are seen by appointment only during these hours.


Directions and Parking

From the East:
NYS Thruway (I-90) to Exit 46; I-390 North to Exit 16 (W. Henrietta Rd.); right on W. Henrietta Rd. (Rte. 15); two miles to left on Elmwood Ave.; College Town parking garage will be on the left. (44 Celebration Drive is next to the parking garage.)

From the West:
NYS Thruway (I-90) to Exit 47; I-490 East to I-390 South to Exit 16A (E. River Rd.); right on East River Rd. and right on Kendrick Rd.; bear left onto Lattimore Rd.; one block to Crittenden Rd.; take right on Crittenden. College Town parking garage will be on the left. (44 Celebration Drive is next to the parking garage.)

From the South:
I-390 North to Exit 16 (W. Henrietta Rd.); right on W. Henrietta Rd. (Rte. 15); two miles to left on Elmwood Ave. College Town parking garage will be on the left. (44 Celebration Drive is next to the parking garage.)

Suppliers visiting the University of Rochester Medical Center-Strong Memorial Hospital are asked to use designated visitor parking areas only. Suppliers visiting Purchasing and Supply Chain should park in the College Town parking garage. Contractors or service technicians requiring special parking arrangements for the Medical Center should contact the Medical Center Parking Office at (585) 275-4524. Contractors and service technicians visiting the River Campus for a single day will be issued a one-day permit for a specific day, by the attendant at the Visitors Information Booth. Those visiting the River Campus on a more permanent basis are asked to contact the Parking Services Office in Fauver Stadium at (585) 275-3983 to make more permanent arrangements.



Supplier Diversity and Equal Opportunity Statement

As a community that welcomes, supports and embraces inclusiveness, the University of Rochester is committed to the principles of diversity and equal opportunity. Clearly, this includes our purchasing activity and the objective of being an integral contributor to the overall health of the business community in which we operate. We encourage the participation of suppliers classified as small, small disadvantaged; small women-owned, small veteran-owned, small service disabled veteran-owned and small HUBZone business concerns (collectively referred to as "Small Business Concerns") as a means of strengthening and developing our supplier community. They are the entrepreneurs that have made and continue to make this country great. They foster innovation, creativity and competition. As with the supplier community in total, small business concerns will bring lower operational costs, world-class quality and customer focused service to allow the University to pursue its mission of education, research and patient care.

We encourage all of our supplying organizations to have a Small Business Supplier Diversity & Development Process within their company. To that end, we encourage our large suppliers to develop goals equal to ten percent (10%) of its annual sales to the University be supplied from a small diverse supply base. Through focused efforts and collaborative processes, we can continue to build a solid business environment.

The University of Rochester's goal is to take affirmative steps to give interested and qualified small business concerns the maximum practicable opportunity to participate under UR purchase orders and subcontracts for materials, supplies and services consistent with Federal government requirements and effective, economic purchasing practices. Purchasing and Supply Chain has a Supplier Qualification/Size Self Certification Process that provides us with a bid file of potential suppliers qualified by size and commodity/service. We encourage all current and potential UR suppliers to complete the supplier/bidder qualification process.

Small Business Concerns are encouraged to register with the SBA Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Web site


Purchase Order Requirements

Merchandise should not be shipped or any service rendered unless a purchase order number has FIRST been obtained from the University. Suppliers are cautioned against acting on oral or written requests for supplies, equipment, or services from any department or individual unless accompanied by a specific purchase order number. The University will not be responsible for orders accepted or shipped by Suppliers without that required authorization. The appropriate purchase order number should appear on all invoices, packages, bills of lading, and packing lists.


Shipping and Delivery Instructions

The University policy for freight and product ownership is: All deliveries to the University of Rochester are F.O.B. DESTINATION. By definition, this means that title (ownership), and accordingly risks of loss or damage, passes to the Buyer (University) upon receipt at designated delivery points, and/or point of service areas as determined by the University department. It is also understood that there shall be no minimum delivery requirements. The Seller (Supplier) pays and absorbs all freight costs, including handling fees and charges.

Specific shipping and delivery instructions are found on each purchase order. Shipments are accepted between the hours of 8:00 and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (except University holidays).

All Packages Must Show:

  1. The purchase order number.
  2. The department name/"attention to" name.
  3. Room number/location if in the Medical Center as stated on the purchase order.

Shipments that are inadequately labeled will be refused. All shipments that require special handling must be coordinated with the appropriate department in advance.

Following are general instructions for individual areas within the University:

Departments on the University's River Campus:
Deliveries must be made to the building and department designated on the purchase order, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York 14627

Medical Center-Strong Memorial Hospital Central Receiving Dock:
575 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, New York 14642
Phone: (585) 275-2022

Eastman School Of Music:
26 Gibbs Street
Rochester, New York 14604
Phone: (585) 275-3011 or (585) 275-4029

Nuclear Structure Research Lab:
271 East River Road
Rochester, New York 14623
Phone: (585) 275-4945

River Road Buildings:
300 East River Road
Rochester, New York 14623
Phone: (585) 275-2448

Laboratory For Laser Energetics:
250 East River Road
Rochester, New York 14623
Phone: (585) 275-4516, (585) 275-3957, (585) 275-5101

Memorial Art Gallery:
500 University Avenue
Rochester, New York 14607
(Loading dock located parallel to Prince Street)
Phone: (585) 473-7720

Highland Hospital:
1000 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620
Phone: (585) 473-2200



Except where stipulated otherwise on the purchase order, address all invoices to: University of Rochester-Accounts Payable, Brooks Landing Business Center, 910 Genesee Street, Suite 200, Rochester, NY 14611-3847. Problems regarding invoices can usually be resolved by calling Accounts Payable directly at (585) 275-3483. Invoices that do not correspond to the purchase order's specifications, that are out of the ordinary, or require contract interpretation should be referred to the appropriate team in Purchasing and Supply Chain. Unless otherwise stipulated on the purchase order or contract, the University's payment terms are Net 30 days.


Tax-Exempt Status

The University is a tax-exempt organization and thus is not required to pay sales tax on materials, supplies, equipment, or services purchased for official use by or at the University. The University tax exempt number is 125542.


Bid Procedure

It is University practice to obtain a competitive quote on transactions totaling over $2,500. Bid information is kept confidential and not revealed to competitors or to the public. Bids are awarded to the responsible Supplier who offers the University the best overall value. If a Supplier declines to bid, a written explanation is requested for use in formulating future bid lists. Informational quotations provided directly to departments are not acceptable as formal quotations and are subject to re-bid by Purchasing and Supply Chain. Informational quotes should be copied to the appropriate Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager at the same time they are submitted to the department.


All equipment and goods purchased by the University of Rochester for use by its employees must be manufactured and delivered in full compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1940.


Hazard Communication Standard

The University of Rochester has a Hazard Communication Program in support of OSHA Standard 1910.1200 and has information available to Suppliers on hazardous chemicals which may be present in the work area, on precautionary measures, and on labeling systems. On request, Environmental Health and Safety will provide information for all hazardous substances for which the University is responsible. Suppliers shall seek such information through University Environmental Health and Safety at (585) 275-3241. Suppliers shall assure that Material Safety Data Sheets are readily available at the work site for all hazardous materials used onsite in the performance of the work.


Conflict of Interest

Acquisition of goods and/or services from a Supplier in which University of Rochester employee, or that of its Affiliates, participates in the acquisition decision are prohibited if the employee, or a close relative or a member of his or her household, (1) owns 5% (or more) stock or other interest in Supplier; (2) serves as an officer, director, employee, proprietor, partner, trustee, or consultant of Supplier; (3) stands to profit financially or personally in any way from the acquisition by the University of goods and/or services from Supplier; or (4) receives compensation in any form or in any amount from Supplier unless full disclosure of the background facts is made in writing by the Supplier, as provided for in the University of Rochester’s Part 1, General Terms and Conditions, and prior written permission for the acquisition is given by the University’s Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer, or his or her designee.


Grievance Procedure

Suppliers who have questions or concerns related to the business practices of the University in general or regarding a specific situation should address written inquiries or requests to:Associate Vice President for Purchasing and Suppliy Chain, 44 Celebration Drive, Suite 2.200, RC Box 278901 Rochester, NY 14620-2664


Demonstration of Equipment/Samples to Departments

Purchasing and Supply Chain must approve and provide documentation (a purchase order for demonstration equipment) for any samples or trial equipment prior to delivery to any area of the University. Samples and trial equipment intended for delivery to the University of Rochester Medical Center-Strong Memorial Hospital must also have the approval of the Material Management department as well as University of Rochester Purchasing and Supply Chain. The University of Rochester cannot accept any responsibility for equipment or supplies left without prior approval and proper documentation. Such merchandise may be considered a donation and no further obligation for it will be assumed by the University.


Product Endorsements

The use of the University of Rochester's name or that of any of its officers, faculty, divisions or departments in promotion of commercial products or services is not permitted unless expressly approved in advance by the University's Associate Vice President for Purchasing and Supply Chain.


Use of University Space for Product Demonstrations

University of Rochester's conference, teaching, and clinical space is a scarce resource and must be conserved for the institution's educational, research, and clinical functions. Therefore, it is the policy of the University not to provide space to Suppliers for the purpose of general marketing demonstrations. Suppliers are free to invite staff to off-site locations for general marketing presentations.


Gifts to Individuals Are Not Acceptable

Gifts to University faculty and staff at any time of the year are unnecessary and unacceptable, and will not improve the business relationship. We appreciate the sentiment behind such offerings, but we place greater value on Suppliers' continued support in terms of providing the University with quality products and services at low prices. Suppliers who wish to donate to the University are welcome to address their gifts or inquiries about donations to the University's Development Office. As a matter of principle, a Supplier's donation has no bearing on his eligibility to sell to the University or the nature, volume, or terms of his business with the University.


Donations Do Not Influence Purchasing and Supply Chain Decisions

University development efforts provide all prospective donors the opportunity to contribute to the University. University development efforts will be conducted without regard to present or prospective business relationships which the University may have with donors. The fact that a Company (or a firm member or representative) donates to the University or does not do so will have no bearing on the firm's eligibility to do business with the University. The University may on a regular or special campaign basis solicit support from the business community, both individual members of companies and the companies themselves, both businesses that are suppliers to the University and businesses that are not.


Supplier Access to University Offices and Departments

Suppliers wishing to obtain approved Supplier status at Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital must comply with all University Purchasing and Supply Chain policies and procedures and register with Symplr by visiting their web site Access to departments is by appointment only. Door-to-Door solicitation and random calls are not permitted anywhere on University of Rochester premises. Use of University of Rochester resources (bulletin boards, telecommunication systems and intramural mail) to solicit individuals or departments is strictly prohibited except where contractual exemption exists. Suppliers are required to comply with all rules and regulations set forth by the University of Rochester while on the premises and to comply with posted access restrictions. Violations of the above policies will jeopardize current and future business relationships with the University.