Surplus Property Information

Recycle!The University of Rochester Surplus Property Program strives to foster an operating philosophy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, creating significant value through cost avoidance by reducing overall expenditures for new assets. First and foremost, the program provides for the University-wide re-circulation of assets prior to items being released for sale outside the University community or to employees of the University.

To facilitate the process, a list of "Surplus Property Available for Sale" will be maintained on the internet. Departments desiring to list an item will submit a "Request to List Surplus Equipment Form" by following the instructions provided on the electronic form. At the time of data entry, a tracking number and listing date will be assigned to each item, both which will appear as a field on the Surplus Property Listing.

In order to encourage internal re-circulation within the University as the first option for disposition, items added to the list will be available only for internal transfer (via requisition) among University departments for an initial listing period of 14 days. After the 14 day "internal transfer" period has lapsed, items will be available for sale outside the University community or to employees of the University.

Departments seeking an item that is not listed on the list of "Surplus Property Available for Sale", can submit a description of the item to the Surplus Property "Wish List – Items Wanted " by submitting the electronic wish list form as per instructions. Requests to remove an item from either the "Surplus Property Available for Sale", listing or the "Wish List – Items Wanted" can be submitted to by referencing the tracking number that was initially assigned.

In order to properly account for University assets after disposition, department administrators should request the equipment to be disposed of through URSpace at All funds collected from the sale of surplus assets must be deposited to a University account. Any external sales to individuals, for profit groups, businesses or employees must be charged sales tax (8%), which must be deposited to account OP015004 and Accrued Sales Tax (SC67650).