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Clinical Research

About Us

This division of the Department of Radiation Oncology encompasses investigative programs related to humans in which radiation therapy is used. It has played a leading role in protocol design activities and in the development of clinical trials in a variety of tumor sites.  Results are often presented at local, national, and international conferences and published in medical journals to advance the efficacy of cancer treatments, and thus more successful patient outcomes. 

Our involvement in both local and national research trials helps to ensure that we are on the leading edge of medicine. For many patients, this is a very important consideration.  Clinical trials provide patients with the opportunity to receive the very latest treatments, often years before they are available at other centers.

Some areas of interest:

  • Radiosensitizing drugs and other medications that may help to make tumor cells more sensitive to radiation treatments.
  • Identifying late effects of radiotherapy in order to minimize side effects that may occur after radiation treatments have ended.
  • More effective ways to reduce nausea, sleeplessness, and excess weight loss that may be caused by radiation treatments.

Please view the Open Studies page for a listing of current trials that we are involved with.  If you have any questions and/or would like to find out if you are eligible to participate, please call (585) 275-7848.

If you are a researcher who intends to open a study with a radiation treatment component, please visit the Protocol Review Forms page.

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  • Therese Smudzin, BS, CCRC Senior Health Project Coordinator
  • Caledonia Corwin, BS Human Subjects Research Coordinator
  • Laura Finger, BA Information Analyst/Medical Editor
  • Liana Gonsalves, BS Human Subjects Research Coordinator
  • Christine Huggins, PhD, CCRC Health Project Coordinator
  • Deborah Lamay, Human Subjects Research Coordinator
  • Merrie Lou Nagel, RN, BSN, CCRC Research Nurse
  • Melissa Napolitano, Research Administrator
  • Cathy Zimmermann, CCRC, Health Project Coordinator