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Dr. Chen

Current Research

Lung Cancer

  • IL-6 role in developing cisplatin-resistance of lung cancer via modulating DNA repair pathway and increasing cancer stem cell population
  • IL-6 role in increasing radioresistance of CD133+, cancer stem cell-like cells in lung cancer
  • IL-6 role in radiation-induced macrophage infiltration increase to lung tumor
  • Role of fatty acid synthase in cisplatin-resistant lung cancer
  • Targeting ATM and Mcl-1 to inhibit cisplatin-resistant lung tumor growth
  • EGFR signaling in cisplatin or radiation-treated lung cancer cells 
  • Function studies of the novel genes identified in genome wide association studies of radiotherapy toxicity
  • MicroRNA in epigenetic regulation of tumor suppressor genes during cancer progression and metastasis

TPO/Eltrombopag Studies

  • TPO/eltrombopag role in hematopoietic regeneration after radiation
  • Genomics  of TPO/Eltrombopag-treated hematopoietic cells