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Diabetes Center

The University of Rochester Medical Center offers multidisciplinary care for individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes. The diabetes team includes five University of Rochester faculty endocrinologists, three diabetes nurse practitioners, and five certified diabetes educators/nutritionists.

Services include:

  • Physician and nurse practitioner consultations and visits
  • Individual nutrition and diabetes education consultations
  • Nutrition and diabetes education classes

Services are provided at three locations:

Physicians seeking advice, as well as physicians requesting a referral for any service at any location, can call (585) 275-2901.

Referrals should include basic medical background information. Each referral will be evaluated by a physician within 24 hours, after which patients are called to set up the appointment and providers are contacted upon confirmation of the appointment. After seeing the patient, diabetes specialists will send referring providers a full summary of the consultation, including recommendations and follow-up plans.

The diabetes team is dedicated to working together with providers to give patients the best and most efficient care possible.